Hair Loss?!

Hi girls

This may sound really odd, I am not obviously losing my hair as I have quite a mane of it, but it seems like I lose millions of hairs in the shower, blowdrying my hair and during the day?! I still have loads on my head and it's not falling out! Does anyone else have this or am I going bald really slowly? I think it's been a lot more noticeable since I have dyed it darker! Am I just really odd? Don't answer that...



  • According to my hairdresser husband, we lose on average 100 hairs per day. If you think you're losing more, your best bet is seeing a trichologist.

    However, you can get a treatment called Nioxin (I think) which stops the hair loss and encourages hair growth.

  • I get that too, from the amount that ends up clogging the drain im surprised there's any left on my head!!

    Im also going grey really quickly!! image not fair!!!!

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    Thanks Mrs Sheep Tea, maybe it is 100 but it seems like loads!! x
  • MrsHoneyukMrsHoneyuk Posts: 8,481
    Thanks for the reply Mrs B, I don't have thick hair but I have loads of it!! I clog the drains and cover the floor in my bedroom when I blow-dry my hair!! x
  • my hair gets everywhere. Its worse than dog hairs! dosen't smell as bad though!! lol

  • You may have alopecia arreata or a fungal infection. Go to your GP for a referral to a dermatologist if it continues. x
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    Really?! Pants on a stick! I don't think it's alopecia as it isn't falling out in clumps or anything like that, I have had this for as long as I can remember, just wondered if anyone else has the same!! x
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    oh my god bride kong i cannot believe you would tell her that! its so obvious she doesnt have alopecia and you'll probably just panic her!!!
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    and mrs honey its seems perfectly normal hun..i had this exact convo with my mum and h2b the other day i think it just looks like alot when it comes out in the bath..if it isnt normal then im in the same boat as you lol xx
  • I doubt it's alopecia hun. I've been losing lots lately - sometimes it just happens.

    Just keep your eye on it, and by the way, you'll need to see a trichologist if anyone, not a dermatologist. Trichologists specialise in hair.

    Don't worry Mrs Honey x
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    don't worry Mrs Honey I lose LOADS of hair! Every time I brush my hair I have to unclog the brush from the huge hairball that forms! It might just be that you are losing the 100 hairs a day but they aren't all falling to the floor if you get my meaning? My loose hairs often get caught up in my curls or any product I use (some times over a couple of days) and then are removed in one go when I brush or wash my hair, so it seems like more. did that make any sense?
  • I'M THE SAME!!!

    My hubby is sick of pulling my hair out of the drain... I have to use a pair of rubber gloves and rub them along the carpet to pick up the hair as my hoover isn't strong enough to get it off!!! It is well annoying!

    And like Tori-liz I have very curly hair but I straighten it so I also think I have quite a bit of breakage which isn't really like losing your hair more like snapping! :\(

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    dont worry honey, you should see the amount that comes off my head and i still have plenty! i constantly moult evrywhere, in the bath, our bedroom carpet gets covered when i straighten my hair! x
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    Thanks girls.. phew I feel miles better now image x
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    me too every time i was h or brush my hair i seem to have loads of lose hair, my hair is long and my hair sticks to all diffferent peoples clothes
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    lol you baldy weirdo..

    do you use alot of heat..hairdryer, straighteners etc?

    mine doesnt fall the bloody handful, drives me nuts......i use too much heat and it makes the hair brittle..... use a deep conditioner, like tresseme once in a while, smooths it out and gives it a bit more elasticity....

    look at me with my sensible advice.....

    minge monkey x
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    minge monkey
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    i bet shoogs does that thing with her hair lke all the shampoo models
  • shoogsukshoogsuk Posts: 10,344
    because im worth it baby...
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    oh yes work it
  • shoogsukshoogsuk Posts: 10,344
    *pouts and flicks her airbrushed hair over her shoulder with a stoopid look on her face*

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    with hair as long as yours shoogs you'll whip your face
  • It's just more noticeable if your hair is dark Mrs Honey, whereas with lighter hair you wouldn't really see it.

    It is suprising how much hair we lose everyday, you wouldn't imagine your hair grows fast enough to re-place it!

    If it was fungal then you would have obvious signs on your head and alopecia you would really know about it so fret not!

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    When ever I brush my hair there is a proper handful that comes out. And plenty are in the brush, and shower, and floor. Mine has always done it, and cos it's long and dark it's more noticable I think.

    Sure it's nothing to worry about

  • I was having the same problem. I have been using a shampoo from Lush called "New" its in a bar and its been really good only been using it a week and the amount of hair that comes out now in the shower is considerably less also its great for hair growth and even tho only using it a week does seem to have grown xx
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    Now I am proud to say my hair is a lot thicker and softer than before just by using NuhairRX. And now my family says it looks thick. I am no longer embarrassed to wear my natural hair.

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