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Advice- lilac wedding shoes, will they work?

Hi ladies was wanting your opinion, our wedding theme is lilac and black and whilst im having a more traditional colour for my wedding dress (white or ivory not sure which yet) I was thinking of wearing a lilac shade for my shoes, do you think they will look daft?!!!!


  • skostiukskostiuk Posts: 654
    No, I like the idea. I am wearing gold shoes to tie in with my theme so I may be biased x
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Hmm im not sure u may have to try them on with the dress, im keeping my shoes the same colour as my dress (ivory) so i may be biased too lol But i do think u need to try it an see what it looks like x
  • Sounds good to me! I shall be wearing red shoes under my (diamond white) dress.
  • HuttyukHuttyuk Posts: 30
    I'm wearing bright pink shoes under mine, go for it!

  • im hoping to find coloured shoes image go for it image
  • I had purple shoes under my ivory skirt - you caught a glimpse of them when I walked down the aisle. I've also worn them several times since, so go for it!!
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    Fantastic, just what i wanted to hear and i know it will work well, but was unsure what people would think!!!! Thank you ladies!!!!! luv xGemsx
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    And also i'm really pleased to see that others are thinking down the same line as me tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Im wearing deep red shoes to tie in with my bridesmaids. I wanted to buy shoes that I would wear again. Glad I'm not the only one wearing coloured shoes.

  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    I did breath a sigh of relieve when i read the other posts!!!
  • skostiukskostiuk Posts: 654
    Great minds girlies....

  • Phew - was thinking the same!!

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