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Silver Rolo's - engraved

I know it seems a bit cheesy but I once told my fiance that he couldn't have my last rolo as I wanted to eat it and I did. So as we have agreed not to get presents for each other I would like to get one of those "my last Silver Rolo's" you can buy as a jokey romantic gesture.

I have found lots of websites that sell them and they do vary in price - I kelkoo'd it - but I can't find one where you can get it engraved that doesn't cost about £30 more than a website where you can't engrave it. However, I did see one on a website a long time ago when I got the idea, that was reasonably priced but I don't know what it is anymore, I just know it's not confetti. Anyone any clues?

PS I have 37 days to go - how excited am I!!!


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