Vera Wang on Weddings

I got engaged in the summer but a demanding career leaves me little time for wedding planning. I'm on a 2 week holiday now and need to get my wedding excitement back up so book hunting for some nice wedding books.

Has anyone got a copy of Vera Wang on Weddings? Is it worth buying? I like the review on Amazon which describes it as top of the list of "Secret Single Behaviours" (SATC!)...

What about the Sara Haywood Wedding Bible and or the Sara Haywood Wedding Bible Planner?



  • I don't have the Vera Wang BUT I did once stand in Waterstones and read it cover to cover. It's beautiful.
  • I've got the wedding bible. It's very good for getting great tips.
  • GGGirl83GGGirl83 Posts: 615
    It sounds like you have the money, but if you have a tight budget, I found that many wedding mags came with check lists which really helped me to see what elements were required and I could keep a track of costs.

    Failing that, the Debrett's Wedding Guide is meant to be good.

    Good Luck
  • Ooh I got the Wedding Bible and Bible Planner from my younger brother for Christmas. How cute? Think I will definitely hunt Wang and Debrett down in Waterstones to have a sneaky peek to see if I really need anything else.

    I can't wait until my chief bridesmaid gets engaged so I can race round and dump her with all of my wedding magazines, books, scrapbooks etc as an engagement pressie.

    Thanks for the ideas ladies x x
  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643
    I have the Debrett's book and it's a really nice read with lots of etiquette info x
  • MrsJLCMrsJLC Posts: 393
    Hi Vanillabear, my MOH bought me Vera Wang on Weddings and it's fantastic, it does go over the planning process but from a more style point of view and also includes a lot of american traditions, but it's so worth it you will get lots of ideas xx
  • MrsJLCMrsJLC Posts: 393
    I have the Vera Wang book, my MOH bought it for me! It really is amazing, it concentrates more on style and traditions, mainly american but so worth having xx
  • Thank you Jesscooper2b. I do think I will have to get myself a copy. It can sit on my coffee table for girly nights at least! If anyone else is thinking of getting the Wedding Bible and/or Wedding Bible Planner, I think you only really need one as lots of the info is repeated in both. Saying that, they do look pretty next to each other! x x
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