What's everyone up to this evening?

We're indoors with h2b's friends and a chinese for the 3rd year in a row, at least we're here instead of having to travel up north to go to them though.

Have kitchen full of booze waiting for us! Going to get them on the singstar with me I think lol

What's everyone else up to?



  • HallyWifeyHallyWifey Posts: 2,181
    Sounds fun!

    Me and my husband of nearly 3 weeks are staying in together, bliss xxx
  • We are going out for curry and drinks with friends.
  • Babyboo69ukBabyboo69uk Posts: 2,559
    Me and h2b are staying in watchin bad tv, drinking and eating lots of food lol

    Asked h2b to buy some eggs, bacon, etc so we can do a nice fry up after our lay in too.....bliss xxx
  • HallyWifeyHallyWifey Posts: 2,181
    Cupcake4ever, I'm going to have to order a takeaway curry now you have mentioned that!
  • H2B is working till 10 but will hopefully get away early, so i am just staying in and waiting for him to get home then we are just going to have a relaxing evening with a few drinks.
  • Quoted:
    Cupcake4ever, I'm going to have to order a takeaway curry now you have mentioned that!

    The power of suggestion eh?!

    Enjoy enjoy!

    Perfect weather for a curry and some drinks methinks!

    and a good New Year to you too! Congrats on the wedding by the way. Hope it went well.

    Mine will be happening in the New Year....eek!

    Think it will come around soon!

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  • HallyWifeyHallyWifey Posts: 2,181
    Thankyou! It went really well - it was everything we wanted - fun, relaxed, surrounded by people we love! It will definitely come around quickly, what date is it?

    Happy new year!x
  • nikyb1nikyb1 Posts: 639
    me and oh are going to bingo. yes bingo its free and you can have a few drinks.

    then back home to snuggle on sofa

  • Quoted:
    Thankyou! It went really well - it was everything we wanted - fun, relaxed, surrounded by people we love! It will definitely come around quickly, what date is it?

    Happy new year!x

    It's in July....................I just hope I stay calm and collected and don't get nervous or panicky nearer the time!
  • We couldn't get a babysitter, so will be staying in but once the kids are in bed we will order a takeaway and drink the nice bottle of champagne that's waiting in the fridge!
  • We are staying in...h2b is cooking and then an evening of tv and playing on the wii.

    I'm working at 7am tomorrow, so couldn't really go out tonight.
  • Taking the kids to see Avator 3D at the barbican, then we'll have a little wander round the city (we love the city at night) and then off to see the fireworks at midnight! looking forward to wrapping up all toasty! Having said that I've got to get through a day's work yet! Boooooooooooo!
  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    homemade low fat curry, champers and series 3 of the wire.

  • Cassie1978Cassie1978 Posts: 1,732
    Happy New Year ladies!

    H2B & I are stopping in tonight, my friend & my god daughters are coming up so we've a night of nibbly party foods, loads of home made cocktails & things to put in the soda stream & the new Just Dance game for the Wii......that shoud be interesting as the night progresses, image

  • Me and H2B are spending the evening at my parents, the plan is for them to cook some food but they are at the (horse) races today so have said that if they win anything then they will take us out for a meal! image

    Wow.... can't believe it really.. at midnight, I will be able to say "I'm getting married next year" .. yay!!

    Wishing you all a great evening and many good things for 2010 xxxx
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370
    We're staying in and got my friends son over for the night so she can go out as she never gets to .
  • MMMukMMMuk Posts: 1,213
    Ooooh it sounds like all of you ladies have a fab evening planned.

    We will be heading to the pub for a couple of drinks, then snuggling up with a DVD and some champagne. We'll be seeing in the New Year and then phoning family to wish them Happy New Year.

    A very Happy New Year to all you lovely ladies and hope 2010 is a fantastic year for you all xxxx
  • scooby32scooby32 Posts: 174
    Me, h2b and children are staying in. We will have a takeaway and a few drinks image

    !st time in yrs h2b has been home for new yr as he normal is on shift.

    So get the music n microphone out lol my poor neighbours lol

  • shjrobinsonshjrobinson Posts: 4,047
    Last minute packing for our honeymoon tomorrow woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! image image image

  • MMMukMMMuk Posts: 1,213
    Ooooh, Mrs Sarah, that's fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon x
  • Really pleased that many of you guys are actually staying in for New Years. I am doing the same with H2B but I thought I was being completely boring and unsociable! Don't think that any more. Can't wait!

    Have a great New Year everyone xx
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    We'll be in too - don't "do" going out on NYE! Sounds like

    my idea of hell!

    I may order a take-away too, or cook something here, and we'll sit and watch Jools Holland.

    Hubby said this morning that he wants to buy a new jigsaw to do, so that may be on the cards as well!
  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328
    Hubster is working so i'm off round a friends house for Wii fun, dancing to footloose and all cheesey 80's music coupled with wine and champers! Hopefully some food too at somepoint!
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    whre off to my hubbys cousins house, so im driving, god job i dont drink much at all

    Happy new year
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    I'm working 4pm-1.00am tonight. Hope you all have fantastic nights seeing in the New Year x
  • feline761feline761 Posts: 1,477
    sleeping!!!! eaten and drunk so much this xmas that having a month off the booze...we are celebrating 'New Years Day' instead this year by waking up hangover free, going out for a walk on the downs in the sun (if the forecast is right), having lunch at our fave restaurant in Brighton and then maybe seeing a matinee at the flicks...

    Yes. I am boring and old!
  • linziXXlinziXX Posts: 1,243
    me and h2b have a bottle of morgans chilling in the fridge with some wine so we intend to drink that after having a stir fry for tea and then i have lots of nibbles for leading up to the bells i.e. crisps and dip, nuts, spare ribs. will probably end up watching tv because i just love "still game" on hogmany x
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 1,068

    I had the bright idea of inviting 12 friends round for a dinner party for our first new year as a married couple.... seemed like a good idea at the time, after spending all morning peeling prawns, potatoes, cutting up duck etc etc i'm not so sure!! But hubby is all excited so that's good!

  • Me, hubby and our 7 year old are off to the local social club where hubbys huge family will also be so it should be fun, theres going to be an Elvis impersonator there too, ha ha!

    My 3 year olds off to stay the night with my sister, because she won't stay awake past 8 o'clock bless her


  • I am on my own tonight as h2b is working... image

    I would have gone to a friends or something but wanted to be at home when he got in!!

    Looking forward to my bottle of champers (to myself) and a lovely bowl of muscles...yummy!!

    Have a great one xxx
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