I just ordered Chinese..

Sat at home ill with a stinking cold and not able to go out tonight so have just ordered a fat chinese. It has made me smile for the first time today.

Can't wait for it to arrive - yummy



  • MrsbbMrsbb Posts: 794
    Sorry to hear you're poorly, hope you feel better soon.

    Chinese is my fav, what did you order?

    nom nom nom, fancy sharing?

  • peachpieukpeachpieuk Posts: 4,813
    Mmmmmm. Chinese. Hope it makes you feel better soon.

    Pass us a prawn ball.
  • MrsbbMrsbb Posts: 794
    Chinese always makes me feel better image
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    I'm full of cold too, we have mil2b & bil2b coming over in a bit for Chinese. Hope you're feeling better soon and your Chinese is yummy xx
  • I Love chinese!! That has to be a close second to a night out!!

    The H2B is cooking up a storm tonight, we're having dinner and a few drinkie poos.

    Am wishing I had thought of a chinese now tho - jealous!! xx
  • It will probably make me feel bad after I have eaten it but I just dont care today!!

    I ordered sweet and sour chicken hong kong style, king prawn fried rice and aromatic lamb pancakes - oh and a can of vimto

    Classy bird!!
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I've just finished my Chinese which Earl treated me to for our supper. We had roast chicken chow mein, sweet chilli sauce, chips, fried rice & prawn crackers.

    It was very nice!

    Bamba xx
  • peachpieukpeachpieuk Posts: 4,813
    That sounds like a very good choice.

    I want one now, I put the suggetsion to hubs, but chinese doesn't really agree with him. Party pooper.
  • Loving the Chinese...and the can of vimto!!

    Just settling down to a martini...

    Slurp x
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    Oh yummy, what is it they say? 'Feed a cold, starve a fever' Oh well then..... image
  • hope your feeling better soon hun enjoy your chinese x
  • MrsbbMrsbb Posts: 794
    Yummy choice. Hope you enjoy it.
  • peachpieukpeachpieuk Posts: 4,813
    Ha! I weedled my way around the other half and a chinese is currently winging it's way... lol

    Chicken chowmein, mixed veg, chicken/cashew in yellow bean with cashew and a portion of the ol' egg fried.

    scrotch scrotch scrotch.
  • mee too!

    just sent the h2b out to fetch ours - our local chinese doesnt deliver, booo!!!

    weve gone for spare ribs, and chicken and beef sezchuan (sp?) yummy!

    with rice and chippies!

    if were lucky we might get prawn crackers thrown in for free!

    nom nom nom
  • I am just waiting on Mammy finishing work and am going over there for a Chinese cos H2B is doing overtime - Party Pooper! and my dad is working too!

    Cant decide what to have tho!!

    MMMMMMM Vimto! Might have to have some! Yummy! xxx
  • MrsBiggs2bMrsBiggs2b Posts: 1,047
    Glad its not just me I'm waiting for my domino's pizza to arrive yum, 1 last takeaway before the new year strict diet regime kicks in!!!
  • hlaukhlauk Posts: 11,128
    *Wishes she'd had chinese for tea*
  • I have just finished my yummy dinner of mussels and fries...very decadent!!

    Having my last naughty treats before the new year!!

  • hlaukhlauk Posts: 11,128
    I had crappy tesco party food, wasn't good image x
  • Oh no...sorry to hear that...

    I'll have a glass of champers to make it up for you1!

  • hlaukhlauk Posts: 11,128
    Thanks Princess! Gonna stuff my face with popcorn in a wee while, the highlight of my nye! lol! x
  • Well mine will be wading though all the christmas chocolate we have at home!!! x
  • hlaukhlauk Posts: 11,128
    Ooh, I have that too!! lol! x
  • Yay!!!

    I'll be rubbing my tummy later when it's full of choccy goodness! x
  • hlaukhlauk Posts: 11,128
    Hee hee!! Is that pic taken at Disney? Have I asked you that before? x
  • I'm full of cold too, h2b's gone out so i've comforted myself with a chinese as i feel sorry for myself on the sofa! Feel better soon x
  • Nope you haven't, buy yes it is!!

    We're going to go back there for our honeymoon!!!

    Love it love it love it!! x
  • Just had spareribs, sweet and sour, ko pung and a million other MSG filled foods.

    Can feel self bloating now. Will float away soon
  • hlaukhlauk Posts: 11,128
    Nope you haven't, buy yes it is!!

    We're going to go back there for our honeymoon!!!

    Love it love it love it!! x

    Paris or USA? x
  • USA baby!!! x
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