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  • Me too...I have screamed this out of my flat window!!! xx
  • kimber-kimber- Posts: 2,663
    omg!!!! no way!!!! thats awesome!!!! i would, but i'm at my mums....and the whole town would be, in the words of my gran "black affronted" if i did that!!! haha!
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Nice one! I can now say that I got married last year (just 9 months ago!!). Ah, I'm an old married lady!

    Bamba xx

  • Mrs.Seymour2be you know you want to!! Shout it...go on!!!x
  • meeeee tooooo!!!!!
  • kimber-kimber- Posts: 2,663
    well, in all fairness, i did scream it in my mum's face! hahah!
  • Brilliant!! I screamed it to my mum down the phone too as on my own tonight and we have no tv signal so she called so I could hear the bells!! x
  • poshkateposhkate Posts: 256

    Me too! image Can't wait image
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