PLEASE HELP anyone know a good seamstress in peterborough

Please can someone help me find a decent seamstress in Peterborough. it appears that the dress shop i bought my dress from has gone bust!!!

thankfully i took my dress home on the 'just in case' this would happen my mum said i was paranoid - that wasnt what she said just now when i told her i might add - but now it has left me with the problem of having it altered. i was dreading taking it back there any way but now i am stuck!!

any help you guys can give will be much appreciated am posting this in wedding fashion as well as GC


  • hi hunni the best one i found was in stamford if thats any good she was fantastic and not that expensive ! x

    if you would like the details hun let me know and ill email them x

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  • oh god that isnt too far at this moment in time i would probably drive miles to find someone good, its so hard to know what to look for and there only seems to be a few locally!!! do you have details for her at all? thanks Em your a star. Vicki. xx
  • thats ok ill just find it for you, she was soooo lovely when she did mine i would definatley use her again and to be honest i still found it cheaper travelling to stamford from here including petrol it still worked out cheaper x
  • you have mail hun x
  • Thanks hun i will call her in the morning. xx
  • let me know how you get on i hope she can help x
  • LanatronLanatron Posts: 459
    Hello girls, I'm living in Oakham and working in Peterborough and would be more than happy to go to Stamford for dress alterations - could I trouble you for the contact details too?

    Coopes_chick, I am so glad that you got your dress... that would have been heartbreaking otherwise!
  • hey nellie !!! im origonally from oakham !!!!! ill email you them x
  • nellie you have mail hun x
  • Hi Nellie, i grew up near langham and went to school in Langham, small world, i am so pleased i had a bridezilla moment that day and made mum bring it home with us as it is perfect and i havent seen another of it since even struggling to find pictures of it. must admit i did feel sick today when i realised as it was due to go back at the end of this month to be altered!!!! oh my god it give me a cold sweat thinking about it!!!! xx
  • LanatronLanatron Posts: 459
    Heya girls, certainly is a small world! Em, thanks for passing on those details image

    Glad you made the right choice Coopes_chick, always trust your intuition! I have been putting off the whole dress alterations thing but will have to get cracking soon-ish I suppose, not getting wed 'til July though image
  • hey welcome hehe i didnt think their would be any fellow Rutlanders on here x
  • Hi Em and Nellie,

    Em thanks for the details i called the lady today and she is on holiday until the 15th so will call her after that.

    Nellie, intuition is a wonderful thing, girlies at work reckon i got a little angel sat on my shoulder - makes a change from a chip hehe.

    at least the sick feeling has now gone though i am really dreading giving my dress to someone but i guess unless i want to grow 8 inches, and bulk up from a 10 to a 14 i will have [email protected] wouldnt complain about the height but am sure he will have plenty to say about the weight gain image
  • thats good im glad you called and im sure you will get hold of her x
  • Bex4Bex4 Posts: 1

    Hi, I've just found this thread. I'm also looking for a seamstress I can rely on. Can anyone give me the name of the lady in Stamford?

  • RB21RB21 Posts: 2

    Could I also have her name/number please?  Ordered a dress online and it ALL has to be altered! Eeeek! 

  • need a seamstress or alterations person ASAP please as my daughters Prom dress has just arrived and is to big and to long. We live in Stamford and would appreciate if some one could point me in the right direction. Thanks Nicole

  • Could I have her name and number please? I need to get something sorted ASAP

  • Fiona102Fiona102 Posts: 1

    Hi ladies

    please could some one also send me the details of the seamstress lady from Stamford. I live in Peterborough but found my dress in Dover but it is way too long!

    thank you so much

    fi x

  • amy286amy286 Posts: 15

    hello, can you send me the details of the seamstress in Stamford please?

  • Hi 

    could you possibly send me the details of the seamstress in Stamford. Getting married at Easter next year and have a lovely dress but too long . I noticed this message about a good seamstress in Stamford please could someone send me details if possibl, thanks. 

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