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Some people can be so sweet.

I appear to have accidentally left the house number off the address of one of my wedding invitations and I received this email today:


I have received an envelope with your wedding invite for ......... Unfortunately he has not received this as there is no number on the envelope and it has be past around the estate. I do apologise for opening it but I as it had been on a long wonder around Civray Avenue I thought it best to contact you. If you give me the number I will post through the door so he doesn't miss your happy day.



  • ahh that was kind of them image
  • AAargh, that is really sweet imageimage
  • MrsHanleyMrsHanley Posts: 654
    Ahh bless them, xx
  • TrapurTrapur Posts: 498
    Thats so nice to hear something lovely, and there are still nice, decent people in the world x
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    It's the kind of thing I'd do!!

    I'd hate to think of a Bride & Groom missing out on someone attending their wedding or a guest without an invitation. Yes I would do it!

    But so many people just wouldn't bother, would they?

    Bamba xx
  • Ha ha awww bless them hun, there are still some good people left in this world!! x
  • FlippingfabFlippingfab Posts: 701
    I had a similar thing, My Mum had given me the old address of her friend rather than their new one and this guy called me and told me he had the invite and was happy if I wanted for him to send it on for me. V Sweet!
  • mzyanjmmzyanjm Posts: 175
    I have had lots of luck with lovely people.

    Last year I lost my driving licence (I thought I had left it in Yorkshire at my mum's) and three weeks later it arrived at my house - special, recorded delivery. Not only had someone found it and posted it back, they had paid extra to make sure that it would get to me safely.

    Other lovely things:

    -when someone is leaving a car park, but still has time left on their ticket, so they give it to you.

    -when you accidentally leave your car lights on in a supermarket car park and someone goes to the customer service desk so that they warn you over the big speaker and your battery doesn't run out.

    -people who go out of their way to give you good directions.

    -mechanics who spend ages working on your car and then only charge you for parts.

    Has anyone else had any lovely experiences?
  • EriksfjordEriksfjord Posts: 123
    We have had some great experiences. My friend works for a printers and did our invitations for us - he paid! Also another friend is an artistic florist and is doing our flowers for cost! What I love is that I didn't even ask! Another person we know is contacting thier friend about cars! People can be so helpful when they want to be!;)
  • shoegal10ukshoegal10uk Posts: 1,308
    Oh I'd do it too, oh im fabulous, perfect person! Major roll of the eyes!!!

    It is lovely, im so glad they done it and your poor guest didnt miss out on an invite image x
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