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changing my name


We're getting married in june and i have no idea where to start or go to change me name?

any ideas?



  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    I think you have to get some documents from somwhere but not sure where! lol
  • you can do it online, by phone or in person
  • MrsC_2BMrsC_2B Posts: 196
    You do not need to do anything - it is your right to take your husband's name and your marriage certificate will be proof of this

    All you will need to do is send a copy of your marriage certificate to the people you want to inform

    Hope that helps

  • MrsC_2B is right - but for help on what to change (Bank, Passport etc) look on the Deed Poll website it has a list image xxx
  • I've done a not of research so hope this helps.

    You don't need to do anything. You legally take your husbands name when you get married unless specified otherwise.

    To change your name on your bank card, driving liscence etc you need to fill in change of name forms and send a copy of your marriage certificate.

    For your passport you've got 2 choices. You can change your name before your honeymoon or after. If you choose to travel in your married name you have to complete the Passport PD1 application form along with the PD2 change of name from marriage form. This you can do up to 3 months before the wedding. The PD2 form needs to be signed by the vicar or registrar doing the ceremony. If you wish to wait until after you return you have to send your original marriage certificate (I'm not as terrified it'll get lost or damaged).

    Hope that helps

  • Depends on what you want to do. I looked up the website and it says if you are using your maiden name as a middle name followed by your new surname you need a deed poll.

    or if you are meshing your surname and your hubby's surname you need a deed poll.

    so.....SOME married women may need a deed poll. but not if you are just taking your husband's surname only
  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    You don't actually 'legally' change your name when you get married unless you do it by deed poll. However, you can change the name that you're known as if you know what I mean.

    I got married last year and still haven't got around to changing everything as some things are more complicated than others to change.

    Some organisations will do it over the phone without any 'proof', others will accept a photocopy of your certificate and some will want to see an original copy - it just depends on who you are dealing with.

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