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woop woop married!

Got married last Saturday and it was ace - had a surprise minimoon at Burgh Island and off again tomorrow to Padstow for Rick Stein's Seafood restaurant. Brazil in September! We had the venue for a week and lived there with 26 family and friends, rowing on the lake and dancing away with an immense sound system; the run up was like a mini festival and the aftermath included hungover clay pigeon shooting on the estate and a giant barbecue. My two favourite pictures so far:

I was suitably 'tipsy' at this point:

My lovely husband realises what he's just done:


  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    Congratulations, you look gorgeous.
  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    Congratulations weezus!

    Can't see your pics at the mo but I'm delighted to hear you had a wonderful time. x
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    Congratulations, you sound like you had a GREAT time - wow a week long celebratio, great - can't wait for more pics. That first picture is fab image
  • VodkaggirlyVodkaggirly Posts: 721
    Congrats, you look like you had a very good time!
  • squeezeddsqueezedd Posts: 247
    Thanks! I did have a fabulous time. I was bricking it with about 15 minutes to go, and then after that the day went by in about 2 minutes. Somehow in the morning I actually found time to play scrabble with my bridesmaids! I will do a report at some point when I have the professional pictures. It'll give me a chance to write it all down before I forget it entirely!
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