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photography question

I'm hoping to have pictures of both sets of grandparents on their wedding days framed next to the wedding cake, as they have all passed away i thought this would be a lovely way to have a part of them with us. We have a large photo of one set on their wedding day, and a small photo of the other set. I want to get the smaller one blown up to a similar size as the other one, but it was taken in the late 1940s and not sure what boots will make of it! Does the technology exist to do this? Or because it was taken on such an old camera would this be impossible? Am hoping to take the picture in this week, wondered if i could have a heads up on whether they will laugh at me! image


  • lilgemmzzzielilgemmzzzie Posts: 193
    This can be done very easily although you will probably best taking it to somewere other than boots, they scan the photograph and change the resolution so it will be clearer the bigger it goes, do you have a snappy snaps or kodak near you? x
  • vjj32vjj32 Posts: 73
    Go to a proper photography shop. Don't know how common these are but I recently took in some 1940s photos - one really precious - totally irreplaceable, and they did really perfect copies, and even 'fixed' some damage. I wouldn't take it to Boots.
  • pink4742pink4742 Posts: 1,999
    kodak shops can do it hun x
  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    Second the not going to Boots thing - they really don't have a clue with things like this!

    Good luck - I think this is a lovely way to have the ones we've lost as part of our day image I'm not sure yet how I'll be remembering my grandparents, but I know I will definitely be putting my bouquet on my Nan's grave xx
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