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BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
Anyone else fed up with AMERICA????

Telling us to answer to them regard the release of the Lockerbie Bomber possibly tied in with BP oil deal in Libya??? HELLO double standards here!!!

Sorry to get political, I used to like Obama!



  • I agree with you, we shouldn't have to answer to them....and I'm really not a fan of Obama anymore at all....
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    What's this we and them stuff?

    It's not like the entire American public has cried out on a giant megaphone expecting an answer from all of us in unison... It's the administration, asking our administration a question which I believe I recall a number of people asking here. I remember a lot of people being downright offended by the release of the lockerbie bomber because he killed a lot of people.

    The cooperation between the US and the UK only serves to make both countries stronger.

    I am glad to see that Obama's popularity is dimming, if only a bit. I never liked him. He screams "used car salesman" at me, albeit a charming one.
  • It's like the House Of Commons demanding a foreign leader to come to Parliament to be questioned, it just wouldn't happen. The crime was committed over British soil, so it is upto the British legal system to sort it out, which it has done. The Americans have no right to interfer. I don't agee with Megrahi being released, but at the end of the day, it was a decision made by the Scottish Justice Secretary and they gave sound medical reason as to why he was released. To imply that it was all for BP's benefit is absurd. The US owns 39% of BP shares with the UK only owning 1% more. To suggest that BP is a British company (which Obama has done several times in interviews) is just ridiculous considering the US owns pracically the same proportion of the company as the UK does. Infact, it was American companies that owned the rig itself and the safety equipment which failed. of course, Obama won't want to place blame on these American companies so they let BP take the flack, conveniently forgetting that they own a substantial part of that company!

    The oil in that well would have gone straight to the US. Americans are obsessed with only need to look at the cars they all drive. It is incredibly hypocritical for them to complain about the environmental impact when the vast majority of Americans (especially in the bible-belt, where the disaster has occured) couldn't give a crap about climate change and the environment, as long as they still get to drive around in those horrendous, gas-guzzling SUVs, they're happy.

    Obama has the midterm elections coming up soon, which explains why he's being such an arse.
  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    I just find it highly hypocritical of them!!!


  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    Wow! OK, I wasn't actually talking about the BP oil spill or the conspiracy theories to go along with it.

    I was just pointing out that what was said was putting the words of one man into the mouths of millions, and I didn't think that was fair. Please excuse me if any offense was taken from my comments.

    In regards to the oil spill, a lot of people are responsible for the spill, including Americans and the heads of BP, but ultimately the fault has to lie with the people in charge of the drilling... BP. That's just how it works. And it's not as if they have a clean record before this either:

    "starting in 2005 with 'the worst industrial accident in the US since 1990' -- the explosion at BP's Texas City refinery. Investigators cited BP for 'sloppy practices, including its use of old equipment, overworked and unsupervised employees and contractors, and management's inattention to safety.' In 2006, a leak in a BP pipeline resulted in 'the worst on-land oil spill in [Alaska's] history.' And just last October, BP was fined 'a record $87.4 million for more than 700 violations at the Texas City refinery' -- where the explosion occurred four years earlier."

    I am not trying to say that the Americans involved are blameless, but I am trying to say that BP is not blameless either.
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    mrsandynicky2b, I don't necessarily think it's hypocritical of him, but it is quite clearly a ploy to redirect anger away from him and onto someone else and someone needs to call him on it!
  • BP isn't blameless at all, but placing all the blame on them isn't going to solve any problems when other oil companies have been known to be just as lax when it comes to safety. Charging BP billions of $ in fines won't help just means BP's tax contributions to both our economies will be reduced.
  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    Sorry guys, didn't mean to say all americans, should have really said the senate!

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