Eva Cassidy - Songbird...and walking down the aisle

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Hello ladies

I decided a while ago that i wanted this to be the song that i walk down the aisle to, i absolutely love it!

Im trying to work out how to go about it tho. I have 5 Bridesmaids who i want to walk down before me so i dont know when to have the song start?

Do i let them walk down at the start of the song and then i wait til after the instrumental bit in the middle to then walk down?

Or do just i walk down to the music?

Please help as i am getting all confuddled!!! x



  • Lovely choice! Not sure about timing though, have you tried playing the song and going through it in you head?
  • Ooooooooooooh I walked in to the church to this, but not the Eva Cassidy version the one by the all girl classical group called All Angels....Songbird is a beautiful song image

    I had 4 BMs and they all went in ahead of me, one set off as the music started, the next 10 seconds later, the next 10 seconds after the 2nd BM and the last 10 seconds after the 3rd BM, I got to the aisle to my h2b as it sang "And I love you I love you I love you, like never before" it was perfect, totally perfect! x
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  • fraggle11fraggle11 Posts: 1,683
    Oooh im gonna YouTube the other version now.... x
  • fraggle11fraggle11 Posts: 1,683
    Hi palepinkroses...... i keep playing it over and over trying to imagine it in my head, i guess i just dont want people getting bored lol!!!
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    Brillant choice of song. I really wanted it too but a family member had it for her song walking down the aisle so I have went for Somewhere Over the Rainbow instead.

    I too have been really worried about timings because its a really short aisle but I have 4 flowergirls and 4 bridesmaids. So I cant just walk down to it myself but the song might not be long enough to last for all of us walking down!!

    Anyway I have no idea how to work out timings but I am sure we will be that excited on the day that we will not care.
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    Somewhere over the Rainbow.... oh ive loved that since i was little!!!!

    Im worried that Songbird is quite a long song and people mite get fidgity if i wait til after the instrumental in the middle to walk down the aisle with my dad!!

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    I want this song to walk down the aisle as well - popular song! I have two bridesmaids and a short aisle so also not sure how to time it. Will have to practice it by myself but I would love to arrive next to my H2B at the part that says 'i love you, i love you like never before'.
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    Me too, seems like the perfect place in the song for you arrive at the alter!!

    Its the timing that is so complicated.... and i cant really practice on my own lol!!
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    I walked down the aisle to an Instrumental version of Snow patrols Chasing Cars (Full version was our 1st Dance). I had it all worked out that I would start walking at 2mins 46 just when the song explodes...didnt happen I was 8 mins late they put the song on before I was even out the car and I cant remember what time I walked in, I dont remember hearing the words as soon as I got to the top of the Aisle I saw Shane crack and start sobbing and thats all I remember ;o)
  • Honestly ladies no one will get fidgety waiting for you they will be sooooo excited for you coming in to the church they won't realise how long they've waited x
  • Hi

    I'm a pianist and singer and have played this many times for people to walk down the aisle to.. it's beautiful!

    It depends on the length of the aisle but I'd have the bridesmaids walking down one infront of the next from the start of the song and you following with a small gap between them and you. That should get you to your H2B at 'I love you' as mentioned above... it's also a good point to fade the music out at that point (the instrumental between verses) If you think you'll be there too early then delay the bridesmaids until half way through the intro or when she starts to sing.

    Having said that I wouldn't worry too much! You'll be so excited you'll just want to get down the aisle to your husband and a trusted someone can fade the song when you get there!

    Just enjoy it!


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    I walked down the aisle to this too, I went first (long story, the wind was blowing my train everywhere so the minister decided it was best if bridesmaids walked down after me to fix it, it was an outside wedding).

    I can't remember exactly what part of the song I arrived at, but by the time we were all at the alter the song was still playing! The wedding co-ordinatior just fazed out the music though xx
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    This is a very sore point with me! I had fleetwood Macs songbird and like another poster has said was supposed to reach my hubby when the "i love you I love i love" bit came on,I had it timed in my head when my BM and page boys were going to enter with my daughter going slightly in front of me but the lady at the venue who was panicking about timings pushed them all in together, I sulked for months over that! image
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    awww i love this song, but it makes me cry everytime I hear it, not sure why! So i'd be no good haha! It is difficult to sort out the timings (more difficult when you have a vicar that looks at you like you are a freak for wanting the BM's to go down the aisle first and an organist that is rubbish and you communicate with then someone else turns up on the day!) so i really wouldn't worry if it doesn't go right. You'll probabally have to try it out at a rehersal to see what is best and which part you want to walk down to. I didn't even hear my music as I was totally absorbed with trying not to cry and laugh when everyone was staring at me! So if you want to hear it, think before you start 'listen to my music' heehee x
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    MrsFlowerfairy I am glad it isn't just me who sulks over such things hehe it sometimes makes me wonder why we tried to plan everything so rigidly!
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    That's such a lovely song to walk down to and you can never be too precise about timings just go with the flow! The bridal party and I will be walking down to Jesus is Love by the Commodores and I'll be walking on the arm of my mum. It's a beautiful gospel song, I so love the words and it always make me cry when I hear it but I chose it in memory of my dad who passed away 2 years ago.

    Good luck I'm sure you'll get your timing right on the day!!
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