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Hi all.

I had my first facial on Saturday- oh my goodnes it has wreaked havoc! I don't usually have spotty skin- well I never have till now and now its awful. The day it was done, my skin looked great. Woke up the next day and it was horrendous and has got slowly worse all week. I'm at a wedding on Friday and panicing. It was a Dermalogica facial. Has this happened to anyone else? I had planned on a course of them for my wedding in October but now it seems a bad idea. Any experiences? x


  • Casper06ukCasper06uk Posts: 1,810
    Did the therapist not explain the after effects to you??

    Normally you find that when you have a facial your skin breaks out in spots.....Its all the rubbich coming out basically.

    Drink plenty of water and try to keep make up off it for as long as possible.

    You will prob find that next time it wont be so bad.

    If its more like an allergic reaction get back in touch with where you had the facial.

    x x
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    Yeah, this is entirely normal I'm afraid. A facial brings all the gunk to the surface to purge it and once it's gone your face will look lovely. I think it's a fine idea to get facials for your wedding, but be sure to have a series of them with the last one at least 2 weeks to a month before to give you plenty of time to clear up if you do break out again.
  • Thank you for answering girls. I am so reluctant of having another this close. My skin is now horrendous after yet more eruptions throught the day and I'm a person who never has spots!!! My wedding is in 2 months so I don't think I shall risk it. I just hope I can look reasonable for the wedding I'm going to on Friday. I'm having a spray tan tomorrow but dreading it as between the spottiness my skin has gone all dry and flaky. It's really bizzarre and I am so sad. BOO HOO image
  • CelticDreamsCelticDreams Posts: 1,013
    Did the therapist go through the face mapping with you?

    Did she say what skin type you are?

    Are you prone to spots?

    Did you have a steamer on your face?

    I'm a dermalogica therapist, and we not trained to advise skin would worsen.

    Off the top of my head the wrong products were used, or, and I'm sorry to say this, the tools were not cleaned before hand.

    I would contact the place you had it done, I would not like to think of any of my clients suffering like this.

  • Hi Celtic Dreams- the therapist did do face mapping. She said my skin was dehydrated. I don't get spots but I do have dry patches. I warned them that my skin is very very sensitive but I had no itching or burning though. It all seemed fine.She didn't use a steamer. The steam room at the gym leaves my skin feeling great though. Maybe it's worth phoning them- I don't want them to touch my skin again though so maybe theres not much point. I guess tonight I'll just plaster my face in sudocrem- that helps with most minor hiccups so we'll see. Thanks for answering x
  • CelticDreamsCelticDreams Posts: 1,013
    Oh emmie, it is worth calling them. I'm guessing it was not cheap and it's awful how it has affected your skin.

    I've gone through all my paperwork, and there is no way a professional facial should cause spots, especially if a steamer was not used. A facial will draw out excessive oil, but that should of been cleansed off and certainly not enough to cause cross-contamination.

    Maybe the products for dehydrated skin is too rich for you.

    Whatever the cause you are not happy with their service, and it's affected you.

    Call them, and you should at least get a voucher for another treatment. Weddings are stressful enough, without worrying about your skin. x

  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    OMG i had exactly the same thing happen when i had a dermalogica facial last year! I had one because i had heard good things about them. My skin looked lovely that day, but the next day and for about a week after my skin was awful. What was worse was the fact i had bought some of the products - so i went back to the salon and refunded me the money. My skin was left very dry (couldnt wear foundation) and spotty - which i know can happen after facials, although ive had an elemis facial before and not experienced spots.

    I had the steamer thing on my face and i think it was just too much for my sensitive skin. I did tell her that i had sensitive skin and obviously she could see that.

    I guess Dermalogica doesnt suit everyone. Its actually put me off having another facial!

  • Thanks again Celtic Dreams, its so nice of you to look more into it for me. My skin is looking better now- its been 8 days since the facial. I have since found out that the hotel is a training salon. The lady that did it has only just qualified. It might have been handy to know before how little experience she had and I'd not have risked it with my awkward skin.

    Sorry to hear you had the same trouble Mrs Lobley to be. Soe skin isn't at all plaesant is it. At least I managed to patch it up for my friends wedding. I am joking it off now saying that when I thought a facial would make me look younger I didn't think it would make me look 13 again. Hahaha xx
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