VW beetle wedding cars

Is anyone else having them or is it just me? i've always loved these cars image


  • rose_red1986rose_red1986 Posts: 464
    Here's some pics - hope this works!!

    for me&dad/me&Hubby:

    and for my lovely bridesmaids:

  • Oh wow- i love them they're fab!! we're having royals royces wich are just as fab but i love how much character your cars have.
  • rose_red1986rose_red1986 Posts: 464
    Thanks Honeybee. I am so excited, i love them and always knew I wanted them. They really make the 60s feel we are trying to give our wedding but are still modern xx
  • rose_red1986rose_red1986 Posts: 464
    I'm I really the only one thats having beetles? wicked!!!! image
  • lozzaaaalozzaaaa Posts: 117
    we might be! my H2B is picking one up tomorro to restore! only 13 months till the wedding! hope he manages it time!!! lol x
  • Hop11Hop11 Posts: 1,404
    I LOVE VWs!!

    If we were getting married here I would be having a camper....We have a mate with a cream beetle cab...might have to aska favour for our Uk reception, just because it would be cool image lol
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