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Casablanca Bridal - anyone seen it stocked at a shop in the UK?? I'll travel for it!!

Hello everybody,

Please please help. I've fallen head over heels in love with a dress by Casablanca Bridal (style 1900 - here is a photo of it but the only UK stockist they have on their website is Truly Bridal in Hartlepool but their website isn't working and their phone has just been ringing out so I'm worried they've folded.

Has anyone seen Casablanca Bridal in any shops (it doesn't have to be this style, just the designer) recently? Did they try on any Casablanca Bridal dresses?

Please let me know. I'm in London but I'll travel to try it on. Anything is cheaper than going to the US to get it or ordering it blind...

thank you!!!


  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    No help at all but GORGEOUS dress!

    Have you tried ringing the designer for advice??

    I wanted to change an aspect of my dress - the shop said no so I rung the designer they said no problem and liaised with the shop for me!

  • curlymopukcurlymopuk Posts: 208
    I've emailed them but no response so far. I wonder if a local bridal shop would order it in for me, does anyone know if a shop would do that if it wasn't one of their designers? I'm pretty certain to buy it!

    The dress looks gorgeous on other people, more than the model, it's alot softer in person it seems:

    I just love it so much and haven't found anything that made me feel like this about a dress. I just hope it isn't going to look awful on me, especially if I get it shipped over from the US.

  • Hi,

    Have you had any luck yet? I'm having the same problem, I've fallen in love with style 2004, I've also emailed casa blanca and heard nothing, no answer at the named uk stockist either, it's soooo frustrating! If I do get anywhere I will let you know.

  • Hi ladies, I realise this was a few years ago but dis either of you have any luck in the end? I'm having the same problem now :( 

    Thanks xx

  • I have the same query! 

    If you find anyone can you share on here? I will share too :-)

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