think i've ballsed up my colour scheme

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i'm stressing out! I originally wanted a dark irish green as my colour as i'm irish but dont live there anymore and so wanted to tie in my culture a bit. i bought my bridesmaids dresses in december and loved them but they are more of a jade green - pics are in my other topics - and now that i have to order invitations and chair covers and suits for the men i an stressing about matching up the colours! I suppose i'm asking, will anyone actually notice? Or should i change the my original ideas to now fit with bm dresses? I'm not sure how i feel about this as i never wanted jade as my colour but i also dont want it to look weird on the day or in the pics afterwards! HELP please x x


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    I couldn't find pics of the dresses so can't really comment. But I doubt people will notice. I saw some pictures recently of a bride and her flowers were pink but the rest of the wedding was dark blue/green... it looked fine. I do understand that you want it to be perfect though. x
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    I got married a few weeks ago and had green bridesmaids and the men had green cravets. A month before the wedding i took the bridesmaid dress to mossboss to check colour against the cravets and they were not matching. We also bought green cupcake wrappers that didnt match the other greens.... anyway you could not tell on the day at all. Everything looked really good together and to be honest I totally forgot they didnt match!! lol dont stress x
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    Lovely dress! And it will definitely go with the colour scheme. It doesn't have to be the exact same shade of green, it will still match and look lovely! Don't worry xx
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    i had my bridesmaids in babypink, then decided to have hot pink for everything else, my flowers were pink and white lilys while they had baby pink gerberas and i kept the blokes in cream waist coat and cravats, the bridesmaids fitted in well with the horse and carriage and the photos werent so overpowering like if i had chosen hot pink for them. My husbands suit attire fitted my dress (ivory) and was also the exact colour of the cake lol! I dont think it really matters what shade green you have, it all blends together on the day anyways! x
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    First of all stop stressing...i've just 15 days to go and I stressed and stressed over colours matching. But it all worked out in the end.

    Lovely dresses btw, but if you're unsure or don't like the mix of greens that they will match with celtic green why not add an accent colour say gold or silver and go for a celtic knot design looks very effective.

    I had originally gone for gold and then I changed to chocolate brown when i saw gold on my Bm's....then I stressed over the the end my colour scheme evolved to be cream/ivory with chocolate brown with touches of gold, the grooms suits have ended up in a contrasting beige colour with gold waistcoats and cravats and you know what it looks much better than what I had originally in mind and has actually stopped it being boring. Hubbys suit looks fab next to BM's chocolate brown and as my dress is an ivory the colours all look amazing in pictures.

    Try not to get too hung on one colour as it can look bland - if you introduce more than one green try to include it in your flowers so that it pulls it all together.

    It's amazing how it will all work out....hope you manage to get it sorted and feel happier about it all.

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    Fraggle we are also having little Irish touches as H2B is Irish but born here (no sexy accent unfortunately!) So I think your scheme sounds lovely!

    Are you having any other little Irish bits? We have a coachload of Irish family travelling over so have asked our venue to source Club Orange & Cidona (Irish soft drinks), and having leek & potato soup and lamb with colcannon for our food...
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    looked at the dress and I honestly think everything will look lovely! I like it when tones are mixed and matched and don't forget nobody looks at things like a bride to be does, we (or rather I use to)give ourselves a hard time and stress over stuff that mere mortals dont notice image
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    As long as the right tone it will be fine, a darker green could look good but also the colour of your BM dress is popular now so would be easy to match up to as well. Could you take a dress to a suit shop and check out the accessories to go?
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    Hey everyone...

    I went into Moss Bros today and they dont have a cravat to match up to the dresses but i did find a website that can colour match. Just annoying as the colour i like and am drawn to for everything is Hunter Green but the bloody dresses are different lol!

    My dress is ivory so Im having h2b in an ivory waistcoat and ruched cravat, and the bestmen in ivory waistcoat and green ruched cravat. Its the ties and the dresses i'm most worried about matching, i think image

    Winewoman - yay a fellow Irelander!!! im having a Claddagh made of fresh flowers which will be hung off the centre of the top table, giving Jameson's whisky to the men as favours and today decided i wanted Herb-crusted rack of Lamb with Colcannon for main!!!

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