365 days and counting!!!!!

Hey Girls!

I'm rather excited this morning coz it's one year til my wedding (goodness knows what I'm actually going to be like on the day!). Anyone share 30 July 2011?

Here's what I've got organised so far:






Photographer and night time music are as good as organised (using friends)

Got ideas of who I'm gonna use for my hair and flowers but not got anything booked yet. Bridesmaid dress shopping (and H2B's kilt hopefully) are next on the list!

Does this sound okay? Is there anything else I should have organised by now?!


  • lobrelobre Posts: 66

    Me too, i'm 30Jul11, so excited!! getting married in Kent, we are going to our venue tonight for a meal so we can sit there with a bottle of wine, thinking this time in a year we will be at our evening reception

    So far we have organised




    Chair covers

    Table decorations




    Now need to start looking for bridesmaid dresses and men's outfits and flowers

    Can't beleive the 1 year mark has come round so quick as been engaged since Sep09!

  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    Wow thats good going, its good to give yourself plenty of time, i wish i had of had more time, we got engaged in September and get married in October, 64 days from now. i only started booking things in Januray giving me 8 months, ive done really well but just think that if i had an extra month or 2 things would be a little less stressed and more in place rather then just having to think about all of it all of the time.

    Happy planning ladies x
  • MrsVanderSteenMrsVanderSteen Posts: 8,204
    I don't share dates but wanted to say congrats image x
  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    I'm a 30/07/2011 bride to be too!

    I woke up very excited this morning!

    So far we've organised:





    band / entertainment

    hair and make-up



    boudiour shoot (NGM) for hubby to be!

    I've bought quite a few bits and bobs for decorations, a few gifts etc

  • tonixxx1tonixxx1 Posts: 339
    Hello Im too gettin married on july 30th 2011!

    I have my dress on order (its made to measure and should be here in around 3 weeks times)

    I have my jewllery

    My headdress

    the chapel is booked (gettin married in vegas!)

    the holiday to vegas is booked

    ive seen my dress and handbag i want so will have them hopefully in the next two months!

    still so much to get though! garter, underwaer, wedding dress travel box, grooms suit!, wedding gifts!!

    cant wait!! xxxx
  • How exciting! I have date twins (or quads!!)! I'm glad I'm not just being really sad by getting excited that it's a year away!

    Lobre - I got engaged last September too (on my birthday on the 2nd) time really has flown! You seem pretty organised though!!

    Shelly & Mrs Hanna - good luck with the planning, it def can be done in a shorter time! I'm just quite enjoying taking my time with things (and studying which takes up quite a lot of time!!).

    MrsVanderSteen - thanks for the comment - all the best whenever your date comes!

    Miss Cheeky - you're so brave, I could never do a boudoir shoot!

    Tonixxx - Vegas!!! How exciting, we'll need to see pics of that! Really must add a whole extra dimension to the planning though!?!

    It would be lovely to stay in touch with you all and see how things are going. Give me an email if you fancy - [email protected]

  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    I'm still excited now!! I thought it would wear off after lunch but it hasn't!

    Anybody planning anything exciting for tonight?

    I've just been to waitrose for some fillet steak so will cook a lovely meal (don't want to go out as I'm on slimming world!)

    I might even get out the candles - you never know! image

    MrsSweeney2011 - I'm not brave at all about the boudiour shoot, but what Nicola does is amazing! Have you seen her site with the before and after shots? A.Mazing!!

    I'm really nervous, but hopefully it will be something that h2b will love (hopefully!!)


    Check it out, it's brilliant! Plus, if you book and mention my name we both get a free print! image
  • Miss Cheeky that sounds good, think Lobre said they were going to have a meal at their venue tonight which would be lovely. I have no plans (hence being on here at 8pm!) coz H2B is at someone's leaving night from his work! I have just watched a romcom about weddings so it's all good!!!

    Good luck all with the planning, and here's to 30 July 2011!!! image
  • lobrelobre Posts: 66
    We have just got back from a gorgeous meal at our venue, overlooking the lake in the sunshine

    I was so excited, the staff kept laughing at me, can't beleive only a year to go

    Mrs Sweeney - I got engaged 01Sep09, how funny!

    Miss Cheeky - how was the steak? sounds lovely

    Toni - Vegas, Wow!

    Here's to the next 365 days

  • Lobre, thats so weird! Glad you had a lovely evening. image
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