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Hey Ladies image

so i have found a dress that i love, the thing is it is strapless.

why is that a problem i hear you asking? image well due to knackered ovaries i produce too much melanin and over all of my torso and down my arms and up my neck i have hyperpigmentation (patches of darker skin) it doesn't look particularily nice and im worried that by wearing a strapless dress it will draw alot of attention to it.

just wanted to know what you all think, should i keep looking and find a dress with a higher neckline or should i just do it and hope it doesnt look too bad???


Thank you in advance


  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    Hmm... this is a tough one. I think it really depends on how self conscious you think you will be in the dress. I think that if you love the dress and feel beautiful and confident in it, then no one will think twice about the hyperpigmentation. But if you are going to be worried about it all day then that really isn't the dress for you. I don't know how helpful this is, but I really hope it helps to answer your question.
  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    I agree with 2Bwed2011, it really depends how confident you feel in your dress.

    If you felt really concious, could you get it covered with make-up or wear a bolero? That might make you feel more confident.

    If you love the dress its a shame to go for something because of that. People will look at you because you are the blushing bride and I'm sure they won't even notice

  • thank you for replying image when i was in the dress i didnt even think about my skin ive just started thinking about it recently about wether i should cover up. i thinkon the day i would care because il be concentrating on marrying my soulmate and enjoying myself. the other thing i was worried about was photos aswell, but i guess i can always photoshop it a bit so its less obvious...

    thank you xx
  • i plan on wearing a veil during the ceremony and that will help hide it on my back, and im going to be wearing as many stands of pearls as i can to go with my vintage theme so again i think people will notice them more than my skin,

    lol i think im answering my own question here :P i think i just needed confirmation

  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    You've probably answered you own question, you'll be fine!

    If you love your dress, go for it as it is.

    Like you say, you'll be too busy to even think that way on the day

    I've got a big birth mark on the back of my neck which I've been worrying about, but I probably won't even think about it on the day (and I still want to wear my hair up)I did consider asking my make-up lady to cover it up (with that stuff they use to cover tatoos) but then I thought it might look worse if it looks like I've tried to hard to cover it up

  • yeh i was thinking af trying to cover it with make-up but i have tried before with the camouflage stuff but i just though it looked more obvious

  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    One thing you can do, if you are having a makeup artist, is ask them to use airbrushing over the problem area. I have seen this work. A friend of mine had really bad eczema, and had to wear something very revealing for a play she was in. The makeup girl covered her arms with makeup using the airbrush machine and let me tell you, it worked a treat! You couldn't tell there was makeup or anything!
  • aww thank you for that image i wasn't going to have a makeup artist just cos of money but il definatly have a look into that image thank you

  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    You can actually purchase these yourself online. I am considering doing it myself and having a BM help me with it on the day.

    Check out Amazon.
  • will do image xx
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    have you considered laser treatment? its very effective and has come down in price considerably
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    You go for it girl! I have psoriasis on my back and arms and legs and my doc has said that she will refer me to the red cross who will make up the perfect colour for my skin to cover certain areas. It is used for scars, etc so if you were worried speak to your doc?

    I have also been a bit paranoid about my skin so know how you feel hun. I would lvoe to wear a garter but wont be as my legs look like I have measles or some kind of rash!
  • i have thought of laser treatment but tbh its still out of my price range, ive just graduated and im looking for a job atm so we are paying all the bills with my fiances wage image

    the pigmentation i have looks similar to psoriasis but not raised up. tbh i havn't been diagnosed by the doctor as ive been to 2 and both didnt seem to know what they were doing, so i only found out through months or research, so i dunno how much help the doctor could do but i will definatly check image

    thank you everyone for all your advice, i feel loads better now image xx
  • safesadiesafesadie Posts: 172
    I'm really paranoid about the fat on my upper arms but fell in love with a strapless dress. I have invested in a matching bolero jacket meaning some of my arms and my chest will be left on show but the rest is covered and I get to wear the dress I fell for!
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