Hen do games!

Hi all,

Just planning my best friends hen do and want it to be amazing for her.

For the first night we'd like to play some games in the big house were renting, with some drinks. Any good ideas for games we can play so everyone can get to know each other, and so my bestest chum has a fab time?

So far we have a willy that you pass around like a hot potato and if it buzzes when it gets to you you have to drink or do a dare image hehe!

Thanks girls!! x


  • I Never... Where you go round and someone says something like 'I have never had sex on the beach', if you have had sex on the beach, you have to down your drink and 'tell the story'.
  • Found some others on the net:

    Pin the Male on the Model - Pin the Tail on the Donkey except there's no donkey and no tail. Guess what is used instead? This is one of the hilarious hen party games to play.

    Banned Words is one of those party games for hen nights that are an all time favorite. Start off with a list of words that can not be uttered during the duration of the party. Common words are best so more people can be caught using them. This game continues throughout the party and every time someone utters a banned word, they have to take a drink, pay a fine or do a dare.

    Pass the Parcel - jello shots, willies, boobs, etc

    Marital Bliss Secrets This is one of the party games for hen nights perfect for just about any crowd. The guests write a sentence or two giving advice on keeping the marriage fun and fresh. They can be read and collected and compiled into a keepsake for the bride. It can be poignant or as comical as you wish.

    Cereal Packet Pick Up

    Take an empty cereal packet and place it on the ground.

    Each guest must bend over and pick it up with their teeth without touching the ground with hands or knees.

    When everyone has had a go tear off a strip around the box to make it lower and everyone goes again. Keep tearing off strips until only the most supple people are left.

    If you can pick up the bottom of the box from the floor with just your lips you get a round of applause an the astonished admiration of everyone.

    Sex Bingo

    You each choose between 6-9 numbers (depending on the size of the group) between 1-50. When the host calls a number which is one you have chosen you have to quickly shout something that you would say whilst having sex. Another option is to make a noise you might make. When you are down to your last number you have to shout 'I'm coming' and when you have used all your numbers you have to shout out really loudly 'I'VE COME!!.

    Gosh! It can only happen at a hens night!!

    How well do you know the groom - Before the event corner the groom to be and ask him the answers to loads of questions, things like, where was he born, what colour are his eyes and what is his favourite newspaper. On the night ask all of the questions to the hen, perhaps include a forfeit for each wrong answer.

    Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

    Print off two copies of this page. You can play this with your partner, who should fill in his/her page before you compare notes against what you have put. Or you can arrange to ask the questions at a party in front of everyone.

    - Where was your partner born?

    - What colour are his/her eyes?

    - Is your partner a tidy person?

    - Does he/she like cooking?

    - Does he/she like sport?

    - What is their favourite TV programme?

    - What was your partner's first job?

    - What newspaper does he/she read?

    - What is his/her favourite place?

    - What will your partner avoid like the plague?

    - How many children does he/she want?

    - Does your partner like children?

    - How does your partner vote?

    - What would your partner grab in a fire? (apart from you!)

    - What time of day is your partner at his/her best?

    - How does he/she like to rest?

    - What is your partner's greatest fear?

    - What do you wish you knew about your partner?

    - What is your partner's best feature?

    - If your partner could be anyone famous, who would they be?

    - What is your partner's speciality in the kitchen?

    - Where would your partner most like to go in the world?

    - What's the most embarrassing thing your partner has ever done?

    -what are you most likely to argue about? -what part of your partners body do you like the most? -what is your partner's favourite position? -what is your partner's special name for you?

    Who was the bride's first kiss?

    Who was your first kiss?

    In your opinion, what is the bride's best feature?

    Who is the bride's favourite movie star?

    What is the bride's favourite band?

    If you and the bride have a daughter, what will she be called?

    If you and the bride have a son, what will he be called?

    What is the bride's favourite -position'?!?!

    If the bride could marry anyone else in the world other than you, who would she choose?

    What is the bride's guilty pleasure?

    Scavenger hunt - Make a list of items the hen has to find and give her the night to accumulate all of the things on the list.
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    We did a great game at my cousins we split into two teams with a loo roll and each team has a bride you need to dress you get extra points for each accessorie you make in the set time think we had 5 or 10 mins.

    We also had a dressing up game where you had to roll the dice and in the meantime you had to put in the costume and try and cut a piece of chocolate with a knife and fork, the costume had ski gloves, hat, goggles, scarf, you had to roll a 6 to have a go, I will have to find out proper rules as was sooo funny but I had drunk quite a bit
  • GUYS theyr brilliant thank you!!! thats definately started me off!!!
  • No probs. Its so nice that you want it to be great for her image
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    hey! it's so lovely that you want to make it a fab party for her!

    We played pass the parcel and the dress a bride with loo roll thing!

    I also had a quiz the hens had to answer about me (my chief bridesmaid did all this bless her) Questions like favourite colour, celeb i'd marry, favourite drink, fav film etc, she went through each question at a time and for each question correct the team had a part of a drink - so the plastic wine glass, straw, stirer, animal that sticks on the side, umbrella and then the wine! it was loads of fun! i gave out all the stuff. She also did a quiz for me and i got pressies like feather boa, my sash, wand, garter and then gifts like jewellery, purse etc...she went so over the top but i didn't complain! The games were family fortunes - this was great! so you had questions like name five things you would see at a wedding, at a hen party - and if i got the 5 top answers i won a prize. Then a generation game (she had cut out wedding things e.g. cake, bride, shoes, garter and stuck them on card. I had one minute to memorize them and if i remembered them all i got another gift etc. We did this on the train, it was great fun!

    oh and one more thing - i bought a game like giant snakes and ladders but it was giant whips and something else i can't remember! i bought it from ebay - so funny! it had lots of dares on, some you woudn't really make people do but it's ok if you're all mates!

    Enjoy! x
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    oh and i love the sound of the pass the willy game hehe! When i did the pass the parcel i put sweets between the layers and the pressies were a willy nail file and a penis shaped shower gel!!!

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