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Oh mother!

I still don't have a gift for my super mum.

No jewellery, no flowers, no chocs, no spa type stuff.

I want something sentimental for her but she wouldn't appreciated anything average. I mean anything that a normal woman may love like a spa day or a bracelet.

She's hard to buy for all year round!



  • hmmm...this is a tough one. are you creative at all?? i would make a scrapbook of us so like baby photos on your own/with her, then first school uniform pics etc just pics of you growing up and any little item you could put in aswell...then you could make a nice page with a space left for a picture of you and her on your wedding day xx

    hope that helped, if you need inspiration just google images - artistic acrapbooking
  • safesadiesafesadie Posts: 172
    That's a really nice idea but there aren't many photos of us together or of me as a kid - we were pretty hard up in those days, didn't have a camera!!What a shame though cos I think that would be lovely
  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    why not just buy her a gift card for her favourite store and she could get herself something?
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    What flowers are you having? We are hoping to buy the parents rose trees of the roses that we are having
  • safesadiesafesadie Posts: 172
    we're having calla lillies
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    When is the wedding? YOu could buy her a lily plant if in season, or a digital photo frame then put the digital wedding photos on it when back
  • LilleaukLilleauk Posts: 370
    A voucher for a family portrait?

    A hamper containing all of her favourite treats?

    Pink champagne and cupcakes (lovingly made by you)?

    Afternoon tea for 2 at a country-house hotel?

    A mother and daughter day out relating to something of interest to her (eg national food show, open gardens, tickets to a musical, visit to a museum/gallery)?

    Its hard to make suggestions without knowing anything about her - what are her interests? What does she value?

  • safesadiesafesadie Posts: 172
    OK here we go. Please remember this is just me giving you an idea of what she is like and in no way represents my views on the world!!!!

    1) She doesn't eat chocolate or sweets

    2) She thinks flowers are a waste of money

    3) She has jewellery "why have you bought me another chain.."

    4) She won't drive

    5) She likes Rod Stewart and The Bee Gees

    6) She doesn't like to leave my dad alone for more than 2 hours as he has quite a severe ilness.

    7) She doesn't like anything girly like spas, heels, bags, make up, creams

    8) She doesn't watch films

    9) She loves Robbie Williams

    10) She calls me daddy's girl and thinks I value him over her, which I don't.

    11) She is very tight with money and doesn't like too much spent on her

    12) She's super fit fot 58, she goes to the gym every day

    13) She gets gift vouchers for birthdays, normally Next then waits until the Next sale and uses them to buy christmas presents for other people.

    14) She used to be a Man Utd fan until david beckham left!

    15) She's a real animal lover

    16) She is very funky and loves anything unusual

    17) She has no understanding of designers, as far as Mum is aware Mat Alan is the best clothing designer.

    Brain fried. Been thinking for a year!
  • Hazel85Hazel85 Posts: 374
    I have put the name of my Mum, sister and brother into and looked through the handmade presents that are on there - my brother, called Lucien, will be the proud owner of some "Steampunk" cufflinks, made from old parts of a Lucien Elgin watch...someone I was not aware of as a designer...err, ever!

    I love the site, there's so much choice, so you could maybe try searching for her name, or her favourite something, and see what pops up?
  • safesadiesafesadie Posts: 172
    i'll have a look - thanks
  • I was getting my mum a 'My Beautiful Mum' journal from Oh So Cherished. I'm getting a parents one for them to share. Your mum might like that- it sounds perfect for her xx
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