Venue just changed our top table arrangements..please help me???

Does it really matter which way round my h2b and I sit at the top table??

We did the plans so I was on h2b,s right, it worked better for us with the layout of the room and positioning of the other guests/ tables.

We emailed the final plan to our venue last week and they just emailed to say they have swapped the top table around so I was sitting on 'his correct side'???

Does it really matter? we have 11 days to go, and if I swap sides then I need to change all the other tables.

But I also dont want other people commenting its wrong.


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    If it is just you and Husband and don't move anyone else then you will only be one person away from the guests. I didn't know there was a side! I just checked four friends wedding pics, three the bride is sitting to the grooms right one she is sitting to his left. So stick to your plan
  • safesadiesafesadie Posts: 172
    Tell them tradition doesn't bother you! It's usual to sit on the groom's left but who cares!

    Do whatever you like.
  • LRHukLRHuk Posts: 423
    Does it really matter? we have 11 days to go, and if I swap sides then I need to change all the other tables.

    In short, no, it doesn't matter! Do you really need to go to the trouble of changing other tables if you're one seat away from where you wanted to be?
  • andi30xxandi30xx Posts: 656
    It may sound silly, quite hard to explain but there is only 6 on top table. I will have my 7yr old son nex to me. the table to my immediate right wil have my brothers and there kids on. then the bar, toilets etc are also off to the right. So this would be ideal if kids get bored etc then they also wont disrupt other guests etc
  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    I made sure I sat on my husbands right side - he's deaf in the other, some wedding day that would have been if he'd have ignored me the whole time lol.

    It doesn't matter in the slightest - you sit where you want to - afterall you are the paying customer and its not up to the venue to dictate your table plan!
  • lh466lh466 Posts: 263
    I didn't realise there was a 'right' side either, I would feel more comfortable sitting to his right. I would tell them to change it back, your paying after all!ximage
  • you can sit wherever you like my lovely!! the bride is traditionally on the left going back to the days when the groom would kidnap his bride to be so he would have the right side free for using his sword to fend off the brides family (a strange but true story!!) but it is up to you. x
  • andi30xxandi30xx Posts: 656
    Lol... well there definatley any swords!! Maybe just a spoon fight over the dessert. image
  • toeslandtoesland Posts: 132
    Maybe its just me, but I would have told the venue they had no right to change the table plan, its your day and thats how you want it.

    Would they have changed it say, they didnt want 2 people with the same names sat together, we have 4 different Simon's comming!!!

    Its your table plan not theirs, they are there to accomodate you. Get them told.

    What happens if Joe blogs, comes in pink, is he not allowed to sit next to Fred Smith, cause he is in red.

    I worked at a hotel, and helped with wedding arrangements, but everything was to bride and grooms choice.

  • LJ69ukLJ69uk Posts: 157
    ive just checked my pics and i sat to my hubbys right. Just tell them ur the bride and what u say goes!
  • Go back to the hotel and thank them for their concern over tradition, but say that you want them to change the plan back to your original as it is what you and your h2b want.

    It is NOT up to the hotel to dictate where you will sit!
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    They were probably just trying to be helpful and didn't realise this was going to be a problem. Explain that you appreciate them trying to help, but it is important you stay where you are. Or, you say nothing and just sit where you want on the day.
  • andi30xxandi30xx Posts: 656
    Im going to send an email to them this eve when i finish work asking them to put back to our original plans.

    Thanks for your help ladies x
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