i'm getting married on sunday!!!!

tanroe09tanroe09 Posts: 4,121
eeeeeeeeeeek, i'm so frigging excited!!!!

i dont know if many people on here will really know me, as hardly ever post anymore!!! BUt i'm just sooo excited i had to share!!



  • Wow congrats hun! I have got 13 days...when i have got two i think i might be the first woman to give birth to a kitten image

    the number of alcoholic drinks I have been consuming has gone up tenfold

    Are you okay though if you are excited everything must be cool??
  • tanroe09tanroe09 Posts: 4,121
    lol at the kitten comment!!!

    I'm ok now, i've been a stress head all week, so think i've got it out of my system! image

    Pretty much everything sorted, just got to run to venue tomorrow to drop all bits off and overnight bags etc! then getting my nails done, and relaxing!

    how you feeling with 13 days to go?

  • magicemmamagicemma Posts: 149
    wooo hooo! I can't wait til i can say that!!!

    Hope all goes well for you xxx
  • I feel like I have got loads to do still and I feel knackered!! Every night next week there is something wedding related to sort out! I am hoping to have a relaxing last day the same as you, just drop a few things off and have my nails done...but we will see as my h2b seems incapable of organising a p%ss up in a brewery..but obviously this is not one of the many reasons I am marrying him!

    I wish you the best of luck hun, fingers crossed for no rain, and please do us a wedding report!! Are you honeymooning after or later on? x
  • tanroe09tanroe09 Posts: 4,121
    no honeymoon planned at the moment as we have 2 little uns, so not that simple to organise! we are hoping for a weekend away next month, but we are also moving house in the next few weeks so we shall see!

    i will post a few pics i promise

  • Wow what a busy and exciting time for you!! I have got a big one (he's 12), luckily mum is going to look after him, but when you have got littles any time to yourselves is precious and gratefully received! Look forward to the pics!! xxx
  • tanroe09tanroe09 Posts: 4,121
    thanks knot, i look forward to seeing pics of yours too

  • andi30xxandi30xx Posts: 656
    Have a fantastic day tomorrow xxx
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