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Why am I not jumping off the walls...

I get married in 5 days and feeling very calm, We have made a lot of things and this is all done, my hen night is tomorrow and everything is sorted... I am not bridzilla in anyway and have so much not matching etc, I have also had my hair trial and since then had my very long hair cut short, not told hairdresser though, and not worried that hair style will not go now,

I am so happy that our day is now only 5 days away, but why am I not more excited? At random poits I keep thinking (in a heppy way) eekks 5 days to go and so on as the days tick down and have a huge smile on my face.

People keep asking me if I am excited and I am but do not feel it.. does that make sense.. I think its becaue if I get really excited 5 days will feel like 5 years.. is anyone else feeling like this?

And what can I do to start bouncing of the walls with excitment as I want the last few days to be an exciting build up...


  • Well hun, we wait about what seems like twenty years for a proposal, then we wait another couple of years for the is quite an overwhelming experience and sometimes the best way to deal with things like that is to block it a little. I am guessing though that if you are happy and want to get married, this is just because it just doesn't darn feel real at the moment. I am sure you will feel excited and have a lovely day. xx
  • magicemmamagicemma Posts: 149
    You're not alone hun, don't worry! Everyone keeps asking me... 'are you nervous' or 'are you excited' etc, and i'm like ...'well, no!' and they look at me like i'm alien!!

    Of course i'm extremely happy that I am getting married to the love of my life in 7 days, but at the same time, i just can't wait til its over, if that makes sense. I do think its because it doesn't yet seem 'real'. I think when the ball gets rolling next week with all the bits and bobs, it will become more 'real' and i might start to get the excited stage!

    What have you got planned for the next few days before your wedding?

    I'm working right up til Thursday night, so i'm having to squeeze things in around my shifts. I'm quite lucky that everyone i have to see next week are willing to meet me at odd times image

    Between working, I have to.............

    Pick up marriage lines.

    meet with photographer at venue.

    have a wedding rehearsal.

    get nails and waxing done.

    pick up dress.

    pick up kilts.

    find time to clean my house up (have wedding guests using my house over the weekend, and i'm funny like that. curtains have to come down, carpets need to be cleaned etc, i'm a glutten for punishment. My house is in no way dirty, but to me, its not 'guest clean', :lolimage

    pack up our bags for staying at different houses night before wedding and for in the hotel night of the wedding.

    go shopping (i feel like old mother hubbard)

    get everything up to the hotel day before the wedding.

    Still have to make a couple of placecards and reprint seating plan due 4 guests pulling out at last min due to illness

    And i'm pretty sure i'll find more!! image

    All this while still doing my 48 hour week at work! eeek!

    OMG!!!! I just read that back, and it just hit me how much I need to get done! This is almost certainly why i'm not feeling excitement image

    Good luck with your wedding, hope you have a fabulous time!! x

  • honeybeaukhoneybeauk Posts: 477
    Hi Emms

    It must be a Emma thing as I am an Emma too..

    I am glad I am not alone as I thought I was going crazy, I am getting married in my home town so I am hoping when we go down Monday and I wont be at our house it will start to feel real, I really am excited deep down, I keep thinking about it and smiling to myself,

    I do not have too much to do, I still need to..

    make one more cake as I needed a lemon sponge. I have made the other 8 tiers for oue cake,

    Pack all our going away bags and childrens bags for when they stay over at my parents houses,

    clean the house from top to bottom as I really want to come home to a clean tidy house,

    Wedding rehearsal on Monday

    I need to buy fresh roses so I can take the petals off to use for a group photo,

    On the day I need to set up my own cake and arrange the set up of our candy bar,

    Get my nails done,

    Hen night tonight,

    I also need to get everything to our venue,

    Pick up napkins so I can attach our home made menus

    A few last things to finish off like adding a few forgotten sweet labels to jars etc,

    I think that is it.
  • magicemmamagicemma Posts: 149
    EEEk!!! Well i'm pretty sure ul be the same as me, when you get caught up in the rush of things ul become more excited!!

    Best of luck with it all

    emma xx image
  • deleted4deleted4 Posts: 1,248
    I was exactly the same image Think it was my brain's way of coping!! We left for the venue on the Friday morning for the wedding on the Saturday, and it didn't really sink in until then!

    Good luck with it, enjoy every second!

  • I was fine during the run up to the wedding, everyone kept asking was I nervous and couldnt believe it when I kept saying no. Omg that soon changed when I hit the church door, I cracked up ust as I was about to walk down the aisle image I survived though and all was good x
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