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h2b away on stag weekend.

Im bored!!!!! i went to a spa for my hen last weekend. I now wish we had arranged them for the same weekend. Got to work today but know im going to be checking my phone every hour! I really hope they dont do anything stupid to h2b, wedding is only 10 days away.


  • CelticDreamsCelticDreams Posts: 1,013
    Fingers crossed he comes home with both eyebrows.

    Are you all ready for the big day? x
  • andi30xxandi30xx Posts: 656
    He has been warned... any loss of hair results in a cancelled wedding!!!

    Got table plan to make. Honeymoon to pack forand stuff to get for that otherwise its stuff like getting hair coloured, nails done and rehersal etc.
  • shellycrook2bshellycrook2b Posts: 1,299
    Im sure he will have warned his stags! God you are organised, i hope im as good as you. How was your hen do? I was thinking of going to a spa but am worried that i will regret it afterwards and wish i had booked something a bit more lively if you know what i mean...would be great to hear how yours went, where you wnet etc?

  • dinkyhdinkyh Posts: 878
    I'm sure they will look after him! My h2b is on his stag weekend too! He had a conference before so has been gone since Wednesday afternoon! I'm having a ball!!!! image
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