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My hubbie to be has just started his speech and we were wondering if there is anything that he is supposed to say. Thanking parents or bridesmaids for example? I know he could say what he wanted but we don't want to miss anything out!

There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice on the net. Also how long should he talk for? as a rough average?

Any advice would be helpful! image


  • I'd say the key things that he needs to remember to say are... how beautiful you & the bridesmaids look (although I'm sure we don't need to tell him to say that!), and the important thank you's i.e. parents, and anyone that has helped organise the wedding, etc.

    I think speeches shouldn't be any longer than 15 minutes max... otherwise people start to get bored. I think if it's someone who is really nervous - short & sweet is always good, otherwise it can be a bit uncomfortable for people to watch!

    I'm sure your h2b will do a great job! image
  • BTW, when I say 15 mins.. I mean per speech... not 15 mins in total for groom, best man & father of the bride!!
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    I think there is a speech guide on a website like confetti....I cant remember exactly which website, but there are a few out there image

  • Thanks!

    He's quite a good public speaker so he's not worried about that. He just wanted to know the main points to mention. Haha I hope I don't have to tell him to mention I look beautiful.

    Thanks again,

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