Silk Flower-NYE wedding!


I'm getting married New years eve and i'm having problems finding florists who are open during the holiday period so i've decided to go with silk flowers...luckily since we're decorating with candles we only needs flowers for my bouquet, BM's bouquets and the buttonholes! just wondering if any brides have used silk flowers and where is the best place to get them cos i would like them to look real!

Thank you! x


  • pink4742pink4742 Posts: 1,999
    meeee lol. i do silk bouquets xx
  • mrsgLmrsgL Posts: 682
    our florists who sell fresh can also do silk flowers. id say ask your florist. i know when we had our consulations with a few differnet florists, they said silk are getting more popular.

    pink4742-i looked on your website and your flowers are amazing!

  • janeyp2bjaneyp2b Posts: 40
    Ooh me too MrsBaxter2b!

    Pink4742 do you have any information on your silk flowers?

  • pink4742pink4742 Posts: 1,999
    hey yes its

    thanks bride2besoon

    although i do crystal bouquets i can do lots of different designs to suit the bride xx
  • MrsBaxter2bMrsBaxter2b Posts: 111
    Pink4742- do u have any pictures or information at all? would really appreciate it!

    and i'm quite liking the idea of silk flowers now as i can keep them and pass them onto my future children!

    Janeyp2b-are u getting married NYE? it was such a great idea at first but when u mention the date it just seems to triple everyones quotes! luckily we're getting all sorted just need a bar thats not gonna charge me more than the venue and church put together! lol Although i'm hoping no one will forget my wedding because of the date lol! xx
  • pink4742pink4742 Posts: 1,999

  • pink4742pink4742 Posts: 1,999
    these are few designs they can be done without all the crystals but they come with vintage brooches aswell..something old and new xx

  • MrsBaxter2bMrsBaxter2b Posts: 111
    aww they're lovely! im going to send u a private message! image x
  • pink4742pink4742 Posts: 1,999
    hee hee thanks hun just replied xx
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