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Anyone got any tips for inlaws that need a kick up the bum!

My wedding is in 3 weeks and I'm getting seriously pissed off with the inlaws to be.

FIL to be is wearing a kilt for the first time and will have no idea how to put it on! We said he has to go into town and the shop will help him put it on free of charge on the day. This involves a longer drive, also traffic as its Saturday.

He wants a buttonhole to match which is fine but he will have to come up to our flat and get it. Which is quite near the kilt shop.

So my OH just called to see if MIL wants a corsage made and she informs us she is leaving the house at 12:15. The wedding is at 1! They are at least 40 minutes away anyway on a day with no traffic.

I wouldn't mind but this is the third time we have had to say you HAVE to leave earlier or stay in a hotel closer! She just says its too expensive to stay in town. But she just bought a dress for the wedding for £800.

I keep thinking well its up to them to get there on time but I know it is stressing OH out. I have visions of them turning up after me in a right old state!

What time do the mums and dads traditionally get to the church anyway?


  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    I thought it was traditional for them to be with at least one of you while you were getting ready. I think my MIL2B will be with her sons as they get ready (her youngest is my H2B and all of his brothers are ushers).

    You could fudge the truth a little bit and say that he needs an appointment then tell them that the only available appointment is at 12:00pm so they will have to come over earlier than planned. Or just have your OH tell your mom how important it is to him that she and his dad are with him the morning of the wedding while he gets ready, and would it be possible for them to come over a bit earlier...

    Hope that helps...
  • Hi 2BWed2011

    They asked if they could stay in our flat the night before the wedding but we have a one bedroom flat and the best man and and an usher will be staying there too. Its really just not practical. However we have said they can come over in the morning or stay the night at the hotel where I'll be staying.

    There just wouldn't be room for five people to get ready in the flat.

    I think the appointment idea may just work though....

    Honestly I despair at times!

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    My OH is getting to the church before 1.3o our wedding at 2 and his mum will be there at 1.30
  • MrsSmileyjulyMrsSmileyjuly Posts: 1,818
    Leave them to it! They were warned! Haha if they end up in a mad rush or late that's their loss - don't let it stress you out it'll be no skin off your nose on the day you'll be too happy to care!
  • Haha I'm trying not to let it stress me! Sometimes I think they can't be bothered with it.

    I'm rising above it!

    I think I'll tell them one more time when they are supposed to be there, then leave it. I've got enough to think about lol image
  • xxMrsTxxxxMrsTxx Posts: 467
    tell them that its your day and if they arent there by the time you arrive then you are going ahead without them...that should make them think twice about leaving too late image xx
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