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My wedding disasters

Hi all,

I have been happily married since May and I thought it a good idea to share some hicups from my big day to help other stressed out brides. I hope you take from this the fact that no matter what happens as long as your H2B is there it will all be ok.

To start, we had asked an artistic friend of my then H2B to make us as cake toppers. I sent him all the details months in advance and was so excited to see them. Finally he had to show us 3 days before the wedding. They were terrible!! I had no face and looked like a marble statue and H2B had no face and hair AND was shorter than me.

He said he would fix them and I went the next day to collect them and he was no where to be seen and they had not been changed. I was upset but the cake looked better without them.

Secondly, My makeup artist (family friend) cancelled the week before. She had got another job that would mean a permanant position at a company and I could not really tell her to not take it. My makeup was not as good as I had hoped but the pictures looked good.

Thirdly, My theme was dark purple and cream and when I got the flowers the day before they were pale pink. They did go a bit darker, but were not what I expected.

Finally! What is the most awful thing that can happen to a bride? The groom does not show up. Well that sort of happened.

It is not that bad really. I was due at the church at ten to two and my H2B was due to be there for 1.30. He set off from his house (an hours drive) an hour and half early and got stuck in a traffic jam. They had to tell the vicar to wait and stop the bells from ringing so he could get there. The whole wedding was then about half an hour behind. I am sure all you brides know how important the timing is.

The only issue it caused was the evening guests arrived a bit early.

Oh Yes and also it was the hottest day of the year so most of my guests were melting.

and half the guests for some reason had no cake.

Even with all that I would do it all again the same as it was amazing for me.

Good luck to you all and I hope you liked my story.


  • Aww bless you, you did have a few hiccups image Glad you didn't let it ruin your day though. I haven't read your report yet, but will have a look when I get chance image

    My only hiccup really was that the music that was suppose to play me down the aisle didn't work! Well it did but we couldn't hear it! We got married in a band stand in a park and the speaker weren't working properly as best man hadn't plugged them in properly so everyone except me and DAd could hear the music. Everyone was watching us wondering what we were waiting for and we were stood at the spot waiting for the music to come on! image Anyway it didn't come on and we waited, realised the prob! In the end the band played 'Here comes the bride' !
  • JenKukJenKuk Posts: 235
    Oh no you poor thing. The bandstand sounds like a really good idea. image
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    I was late to the church by 35min, messed up our photographs along with slight rain as we came out

    My table decs went wrong on the morning at the venue, other then that everything was fine

    I agree Jen, it doesn't cahnge things and there is always oh what if but i wouldn't change a thing because it was just so amazing
  • JenKukJenKuk Posts: 235
    That reminds me my chair cover lady left before doing the top table and never came back. At least she sent me back the deposit.

  • NowMrsShNowMrsSh Posts: 262
    I know only too well about wedding disasters! But actually, they all added to the character of the day.

    1) Make up artist couldn't source false lashes - no big deal.

    2) Nearly left flowers and my sister's reading at the hotel - but we realised before we got too far down the road so not too bad!

    3) My dress wasn't done up tight enough so my boobs were in constant danger of falling out! Again, not a big problem and actually quite funny! Although I think I might have looked a bit better in pics if it had been done up tighter.

    4) This was the best one - I arrived at the venue, and was told the second registrar hadn't arrived. Now I was blissfully unaware that you needed two registrars to perform a wedding and my poor hubby was inside about to have a nervous breakdown as the registrar announced she was unable to perform the marriage!! Luckily an emergency registrar turned up at the last minute - we were about 40 minutes later than expected - and the other registrar had been in a car accident bless her!! We ended up with 4 registrars at the end of the ceremony!!

    5) We had a load of random ramblers try to get into our venue during the ceremony!! And they also tried to get in on our pics, which was also funny!

    6) No one really danced at the disco.

    Despite all these things, I couldn't have been happier with my day! Hubby and I have looked back over the past week and laughed our heads off at the random things that happened during our wedding day and agree we wouldn't have had it any other way. There are always going to be things that are beyond your control but it really doesn't matter!
  • LOL, I wasn't going to write on this thread as I was thinking 'we didn't have any problems' but then realised we had loads, but I just don't remember them properly as you don't really, do you, when you've had the best day ever!

    In reality, it rained, lots of guests got stuck in traffic, so I arrived at the church before them, and lots of little bits like that. I was quite laid back in the planning and the run up, so it didn't really bother me even at the time, and the rest of the day was so perfect.

    I seem to be a bit of a broken record on here telling Brides to be not to stress, but it really is true, isn't it. Enjoy your days, everyone. Whatever happens happens, and you'll have a sore face from smiling whatever. x
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