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Moving the Date continued...

Hey girlies

Have posted something related to this in the Planning forum but its a bit dead over there so thought id continue here.

We may have the option of bringing our wedding forward to the end of the year instead of next July. Having spoken to the venue they have new years eve and day available for our reception - would this be a totally stupid idea to get married on one of those days? The rest of the days between xmas and new year are booked up grr!!! Or should we just leave it until July if we cannot get married between xmas and new year (we got engaged at this time hence the significance)?

Pros and cons please image


  • I'd have LOVED a NYE wedding and even more I'd love to go to one as NYE is always a wash out otherwise!!!!
  • I think I'd wait till July.

    NYE just brings to my head winter and snow...people maybe being snowed or iced on and not being able to make it...

    Sorry if this is being a spoil sports, I do love a summer wedding image
  • I think it's great if you can do it. You may spend less on decoration as the venue will still be dressed for Christmas, you could have Christmas cake for wedding cake.

    You may need to spend time ringing suppliers to make sure they can do both - I'd suggest haggling with your venue, I bet you can get a good deal for late availability.

    Just a couple of considerations:

    - flowers - if you're having flowers, some of the Xmas brides have found that their florist is closed between Xmas and New Year so you may need to consider real touch.

    - photos - obvious I know but it goes dark early so you may need to think about ceremony timing if you want outdoor photos

    - colours - will your current colour scheme work for a December wedding where the venue is likely to be Christmassy?

    - guests - if you go for New Years Eve (which I would), you may need to be prepared for some guests to be unable to make (especially if your wedding is no children or plus ones)

    I think a New Years Eve wedding would be fabulous (would your budget extend to sky lanterns or fireworks for midnight?) and you'd get to start 2011 as a married lady.
  • I'd wait if I was you, people usually have plans and NYD is always a wash out people being hungover etc, if you'd have said about the 18th Dec-28th Dec I think these are nice dates as everyone is feeling festive but NYE & NYD people usually have plans.

    Upto you though plus I am July bias image x
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    I agree with Miss Becks, I am probably bias because I am a July next year bride too. I think if I was offered the same I would be super happy that I could get married sooner etc but then the practicalities would set in - people are starting to make plans for NYE, and if you choose NYD then I do not trust people not to be hungover, the suppliers may not be able to do your new date, your chosen colour scheme not working etc and I would stick with my current date. Also, I have sent our save the dated so everyone knows that date anyway.

    It is a nice idea and if you can make it work and would prefer a winter wedding then go for it but I do love a nice summer wedding.
  • I think New Year's Eve would be a lovely day to get married, but for a couple of reasons I think it might cause you more trouble than you anticipate!

    Firstly, people may well already have plans and might not want to change them - I doubt this would be true of close friends and family but others that you'd like to be there but aren't as close may well pull out. The other thing is transport; some people may not be able to get there if they are dependant on public transport.

    And the other thing that occured to me is cost; some suppliers may charge more because it's a public holiday.

    I think bringing it forward would be lovely if you could do it but because you haven't given people enough notice it could be a problem to do it in the festive season. We're getting married on 18th Dec this year but we did want to do it last year (I really wanted a late December date!) but we decided against because we felt it was too short notice. Xx
  • fraggle11fraggle11 Posts: 1,683
    Id love a NYE wedding myself!!!!
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    Bring it forward! I was getting married on May 28th and now we are getting married on Jan 8th, I love the idea of a winter wedding. Our venue has huge open fires in the entrance hall, we are having candelabra and loads of candles.
  • Hop11Hop11 Posts: 1,404
    Do you mean this new years?? As in 2 months away?!?!

    In which case you'd need to get invites out sharpish, because otherwise people are going to be making xmas/ny plans already. I know we have already sorted out where we are going to be spending xmas etc, just something to bare in mind.

    I am a winter bride, and think the idea is a fab one, just make sure you have checked out all eventualities with suppliers and family first and base you decision on that, like companies being closed over holiday period/more expensive etc

    let us know what you decide
  • Ahhh I'm so confused!!!! OK so after speaking to my side of the family I think new years eve/day is a bad idea (to be honest, those we are accommodating I couldn't give a toss if they bother to turn up or not, would just save me money, but politics and all image ). Perhaps Sat 8th would be a good idea? No idea if the venue is available though!
  • And i just noticed another one of you lot is getting married that day haha! Oh dear oh dear...
  • I don't think there's any reason why you shouldn't bring it forward and I personally love winter weddings (obviously!). My only concern would be the implications of any public holiday. But why not bring it forward to a date in January? If you can afford it and want to, go for it! Xx
  • I would check with the venue that they aren't going to charge a premium for those dates...

  • Hi Vintagezilla, I think moving it forward given your previous post is a fab idea. All of my friends got married in summer which was beautiful and my original idea, but our venue offered us 18th Dec. The hall we are getting married in is gothic and fairly dark so it'll lend itself really well to a winter wedding, so similar to others we've gone for the real fires, candelabras etc. I think a wedding winter could be stunning especially with your sparkly Choos!! image
  • The only thing I would say about NYE/NY day is how much more will the wedding cost as I'm sure other b2bs on here have said that suppliers charge a lot more for those dates. Otherwise, I would enjoy a wedding on NYE and I'm sure a lot of my friends would also.
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