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My Homemade invitations

As you all have been so helpful and supportive with the drama involving my wedding invitations, I thought I would let you guys be the first to preview the finished product! image

Let me know what you think (more pics coming soon):


  • They're so pretty! I love the font you've chosen, it's so elegant. Well done! Xx
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    Thank you! I designed them myself... And I mean that every letter is in place where I put them.

    I am so proud of them!
  • It's great when you've made things yourself! We designed our invites too. Just been making my place settings and table plan and it's starting to look lovely, such satisfaction from a bit of DIY! image

    They're gorgeous, you should be proud! image Xx
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    And the inside...

  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    That's so creative! image I love the fact that they are attached from the upper corner image
  • Fab babe xxx
  • MrsJKMrsJK Posts: 463
    mmm vanilla cheesecake image

    Lovely invites too
  • Lovely invites petal!

    I wish I was creative but can't draw a stick man if my life depended on it lol x
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    The cheesecake is delicious... and there is a reason we have included our menu with the invites (we are hoping that people think that the meal is too good to refuse! image )
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    No one else? image
  • flower88ukflower88uk Posts: 1,350
    they're really good hun image i'm making all mine myself too image
  • You must be glad to have them done. image

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    (I also love that you are so prod of yourself you upped your own thread so more people could tell you they're great :P)

    And fair play to you. It's nice to feel that way. Good for you x
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    they are stunning, well worth the hassle. where have you beeen recently 2bewed2011?? making these I guess! xxx
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752
    These look fab!

    I wish i could too be creative but don't have a creative bone in my body image xx
  • fraggle11fraggle11 Posts: 1,683
    I like them alot!!!!

    Well done!
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    Wow, they look amazing! Glad they all came together for you in the end, I know from your previous posts you worked really hard on the design image

    You should be very proud! xx

    PS-can I come, your menu sounds lush! image
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209

    Yeah, I am not ashamed I bumped my own thread... Sometimes a girl likes to hear that her effort is worth it.

    Sorry I haven't been around much. I have been bogged down with work, and I recently started Uni again so I am just trying to get into the swing of them. Also, yeah I have been attempting to put these together, and I am a nutcase who can't stand when things are off centre.

    I was also getting frustrated with the first page of stickies, but they seem to have fixed that.

    I will be back more, I promise. image
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    Its lovely to see the finished product- they have turned out really well and look great! Well done you.
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    Thanks very much... My mom is going to be shocked because I haven't shown her this design. image
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    This time I am not just shamelessly bumping my thread... I have changed the way I have done the bow and thought this was much better and wanted to share:

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