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Any teachers out there who can help?

Evening Ladies and Gents!

Does anyone know how a primary school teacher makes the transition into secondary education?Is there an exam to sit or would the person have to take another course?

Mister is a primary school teacher and is considering secondary education.

Thanks in advance!


  • I think it's easier to move from primary to secondary, as long as you have the necessary experience in the subject (e.g. degree in maths for maths teacher). It may help to have some work experience under the belt though. As far as I know you only need extra qualifications if going into specialist teaching, management or further education.

  • BubulooBubuloo Posts: 162
    Okay cool!Thanks TOD : )
  • Hey,

    Im secondary and in scotland it's a 6 month conversion for me to go to primary so I assume it must be the same the other way! Hope that helps x
  • Hop11Hop11 Posts: 1,404
    I am a secondary teacher, and you can go down to primary no problems, in fact I know loads of people who have.

    The other way round is a little unclear though, I was always told it wasnt possible, but I am sure there must be some way of going about it....but I had heard from people you had to train again because you wouldnt have a specilism
  • Hey, I'm a primary school teacher and as far as I know in England if you have QTS-which he will have then technically you can teach anywhere. I guess what he would have to do is get as much experience as possible at secondary, maybe do some tutoring or something or go in to local secondary schools. As someone else has already said it would be best I think if he had a first degree in maths or whatever he was going to teach as if he was like me and had an undergrad teaching degree am not sure what subjects he would be able to teach!
  • BubulooBubuloo Posts: 162
    Thanks for all the replies ladies!

    Katyh-very true about the QTS.He studied Film studies and video production so i guess media?But i'm not sure whether the degree would have to mirror the subject he teaches?

    It does make sense for him to either teach what he studied at degree level or train within a particular subject.
  • Depending on what his degree is, it might be worth approaching private secondary schools who have more laxed rules on QTS - basically if they like you, and you have any sort of degree, you're hired.
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