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Gifts for the wedding party- in particular step parents

Know when it comes to buying gifts for the wedding party, if you have step parents, have you included them? We have a step dad and step mum

Its just that we not got long till the big day and I have started looking at gifts for everybody. When it comes to the top table, it will be me, OH, my mum, dad, bro (he is a usher), my 2 bridesmaids, the OH mum, step dad and best man. His dad, stepbrother (who is also a usher) will be on a table near the top table as there is bad history between them, but they have said that they will be civilized to each other on the day


  • SAMMYDwasWSAMMYDwasW Posts: 303
    We shall be getting my OH step-mum a little pressy, same as his mum image
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