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Lace bolero with a silk dress? Advice needed - feeling confused

Hello all. I am new to this forum.

My fiance is off on his stag in Edinburgh so I have been thinking about weddings.

I have my first dress fitting next Thursday. It is the Maggie Sottero Christina dress. I am large (size 18) and thinking that I will want a bolero - Im not sure about the silk ones and really like the lace ones. There is no lace on the dress - do you think this will look OK?

I can post a pic of me in the dress if it helps (though I am standing and looking very awkward in it I warn you).




  • That sounds lovely - maybe I will look at that kind of thing too. I get overwhelmed by all the wedding decisionsimage
  • I think you could wear a lace bolero with it as it is such a simple classic style, or what about a cap sleeve tulle with just a lace edge?
  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    My dress was completely satin and I had a lace bolero. I just wanted my arms covered during the day and thought a lace one wouldn't be too much.

    Any excuse for a picture image

  • 13aurora1313aurora13 Posts: 164
    My dress is satin and I am wearing a lace bolero. I think it looks really nice image
  • I've got this problem - my dress is very heavily beaded at the top (and there's no lace on it) so I think a lace bolero will look 'too much', but I can't think what else might look OK. I'll look at Tulle, thanks!
  • I think that sounds lovely image Lace bolero with lace dress might be a bit too much anyway..
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    This is how mine looked:

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