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Swings and roundabouts.

Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
So me and the H2B are getting married easter sunday, and are flying out on our honeymoon the morning after, our flight is at 8.40 so we need to be at the airport by 6.30 am (eek) the airport is about 2 hrs away, so here is my question......

Would you:

- Go from the reception to a close hotel, get up super early the next day, risk traffic etc.. but get to your hotel quickly after the reception.


- go to the airport hotel straight after, less traffic, but sitting in the car for 2 hrs after the wedding, (lifts not a problem)and that way all we have to do is go through the tunnel in the morning and we are at the airport in 10 mins.

What would you do?


  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674
    I'd go the night before. Wouldn't want to be stressing about waking up and travelling first thing in the morning. x
  • Me too... the journey will help you sleep better too xx
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