Where do you put on your makeup?

I have recently reached a point where I am happy with my makeup table; to me it is both functional and aesthetic.

I can't share this excitement with many people- my family humour me (bless them), members of my mothers group give me blank stares and it's not the kind of thing I would mention, even in hushed tones, in work circles..... but it strikes me that there may be a few other people on this forum who may be willing to share their makeup space with the rest of the world.

Where do you put on your makeup? Where does the magic happen?


  • I tend to put it on my face
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  • Boo FSM you beat me to it! image
  • Im with FSM,

    If you need make up somewhere else then I don't think any of the ladies here will be able to help you love.

    You need professional help.

  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674
    image image image
  • ah!!!!!!!


    You always don't believe in me.

    It's ok Autumn1, ignore these mean ladies... I personally use my make up to paint happy faces on my knees, that way when I am walking along people can see that my knees are happy

    by the way good recommendation of the spam MrsVS... it makes a great face mask

    really hope that helps

  • That's because you are a SPAMMER and full of sh*t, autumn_1 image
  • Quoted:


    You always don't believe in me.

    May I kindly suggest to stop user Google translate? I know 3 year olds who are able to write sentences that make more sense than that!
  • I don't know what to say.

    So sad.

    image image image
  • No sympathy from us you big SPAMMER. Repeatedly coming back won't change things. Go away and stop trying to worm your way in to this community so you can try to sell your cheap dresses.

    Top marks for persistence though image
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