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2 completely unrelated questions...dress steaming and order of day...

Can anyone share their opinion on either of these:

Dress steaming - my dress has got a bit crumpled up, I was planning to hang it in bathroom of my hotel room night before wedding and let steam from bath get creases out, but the lady who did alterations recommended getting it professionally steamed - but our bugdet is looking pretty bad - what would you do?

Order of day - need to print these out - do you have one per guest or one per family/couple?

Thanks in advance image


  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I'm doing orders of the day on every other seat in the ceremony room. So 51, with one for us to keep. image

    TBH I would steam the dress as you suggested. I'd do a bit of looking up and maybe call a professional and talk to them about the things that could go wrong just to put your mind at rest, but I doubt you need it done professionally!
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    I hung mine in the bath room of the hotel we stayed in and had a steamy bath ... But if you don't want to leave it late like that is there any way you could try it before and hang in your bath room or a relative :.. I don't think you would need it done professionaly either .....
  • The steamy bathroom thing depends on the size of the room and material of your dress. I was told NOT to do this by the bridal shop unless the room was large enough that the dress can hang without any part touching the floor or walls as you will get water condensing on it? Why not call or email your bridal store and ask them? Many materials can be ironed on the underneath if need be
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    As I iron for a living I can give you both angles, dress steaming by a professional as I am able to do it with a proper garment steamer your unable to burn the dress as it is just steam not heat like an iron I wouldn't recommend using an iron on it.

    From a personal point of view steam from a bath isn't the same as steam from a steamer and you would be luck to get the creases out depending on how bad it really is.

    Depending on where you are in the country I'd be more than happy to do it for you I wouldn't charge it would be a favour.

    Steph xx
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