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Hola chicas!


Yay my first time in ages to start the daily thread!!!!!!


  • Clare_429Clare_429 Posts: 406
    Morning Mou!

    Tried to get up early this morning to do some exercise but I kept waking up in the night and eventually turned my early alarm off 'cause I knew I wasn't making it image

    Had 2 croissants and a smoothie for breakfast too. I'm never gonna fit into this dress (that I've not bought yet!)
  • imageimage gawd your brave excercising in the morning, im like a frikkin house elf in the mornings ugly and clumsy!!!

    I went running last night image

    When are you getting married love?
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    Tra le la le la!!

    **skips along**

    I'm in fluffy bunny land right? Do these people not live in the real world?

    Anyway, I digress, MORNING!!! image
  • imageimage i cant get over the pregnancy test girl in ES!
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    It's just madness, why bother saying anything if you're going to ignore what EVERYONE says image

    And what's with all the cbw bashing lately? I know you're thick skinned cbw (know you're around somewhere image ) but really, it's just getting silly now.

    Sitting here thinking about you all exercising - there's only one physical activity I do image I'm sooo lazy!
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Morning all

    I am in a really foul mood today. According to my stupid scales Ive put on 2 3/4 pounds this weeek image Im gonna blame it on my cycle though.

    Then, i am getting my contract extended (woohoo) but not as long as i thought and the reason for this 'to give them wiggle room'!!! imageimage They know Im a person dont they!!!!

    Plus my boss is a @rse!!!!!!!!


    ETA: and the pregnancy thread has made me cross too!
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    Aww, fmb, scales lie!

    We bought a new set a while back and they're useless - apparently we're all a half stone heavier than on other scales. We've checked multiple scales and they are deffo wrong - that's my argument and I'm sticking to it image
  • I dunno even CBW and I used to clash but not these days image

    Aww FMB you always gain loads around that time dont worry! Will you have to find another job soon?
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Im being extended until Sept so not for a little while yet. Wierdly I got a phonecall last night from an agency about a permenant job, i am in half a mind to call them back and ask for an interview!!!!

    My problem is (and its a really silly one coz i know it doesnt matter that much) I want to be in a permenant job before we start ttc and wee talking about trying from after our honeymoon in sept image

    And my boss is wittering in my ear about some [email protected]

    Funny you should say that Dudders- the scales at the gym put me at more than half a stone lighter than the scales at home- which means Ive hit my goal weight and more but i dont know if its actually real and i dont want to try different scales incase i actually weigh more!
  • Clare_429Clare_429 Posts: 406
    Getting married July 8th - 15 weeks. I really need to start exercising image

    Got college tonight though so it's not gonna happen when I get home.
  • Oooh id get the interview image I know what you mean about a permanent job, you need stability if you can if you gonna TTC.

    I dont get on scales much anymore, im fed up of getting on the scales and then crying after image
  • Oh wow just 15 weeks!!! It will fly by!
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    Don't know what your job situation is fmb, but I'd be inclined to keep your options open. If you're only on a contract, then the option of something permanent seems worth a look. You never know, if you got it, it might force their hand where you are now to offer you permanent there?

    I know what you mean about the job situation and ttc though. I really should be in a job full stop, but we haven't got time to wait for that!
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    Ooh Clare, I'd love to be at the before the wedding stage again - I'd love to do it all again!

    Cheapy day at the flicks today so I'm going to see that magnolia hotel film with my mum. We might even have a bit of lunch after image
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Just got a text from Mr B that has cheered me up. Hes put 'its a lovely day, you are beautiful and I love you'. Awwww, now I feel like crying!

    Dudders- im on a maternity cover so this contract wont be extended (but the lady doesnt come back til November so hopefully at some point will be extended until then!). But there are so many changes within the company there could be a perm position for me at some point. The problem is I LOVE this company and have wanted to work here for years.

    What you going to see at the cinema Dudders? ETA- ignore me! Ive just read your post again doh! image
  • Alright lovelies? I have been up since 5 am and feel like it is bedtime. Minime doesn't get early daylight image It is hard to be mad when you hear 'mammmmma?' coming from her room followed by her singing to her musical mobile. But I am not a morning person. COFFFFEEEEEE.

    That chav on ES is clearly one leisure suit short of a Primark. And for the record, CBW bashing has been a healthy pastime on here for years. I don't mind when it's numpties, I would worry if someone normal took a dislike to me. Lilymou used to post image and FFS after everything I posted. Remember Mou imageimage There was a lot of hate when I first joined, and to some extent it was deserved as I was harsher then. Now it is mostly fluffy-lol-hunny-sista-innits who do it, so they can stick it up their bottoms image

    I hope everyone is well. I might take minime to the swings later, or even get a paddling pool. Perhaps a bit premature for March though. Sunshine makes me excited.

    All this talk of exercise is unhealthy BTW. Grab a CAKE image
  • MrsFaulkyMrsFaulky Posts: 6,671
    Morning girls, I feel in quite a positive mood today for some reason. Probably the beautiful sunshine again.

    Also getting excited about my best friend coming home next week!

    That's cr*p and cr*pper FMB! The weight I'm sure will be down to your cycle and I would deinitely arrange an interview...after all this job just moved you out of one you hated so it's always good to keep options open.Big hugs.

    I haven't even bothered to read the ES thread after your synopsis of it yesterday image

    15 weeks Clare!! image That will come round so fast!

    Ps. Mou, Gem, Maylan, Floss etc. check your emails, it might put a smile on your face image
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    Amazing email! Thank you. Will send to my team in their Friday bulletin image

    That pregnancy test thing is just odd. You have to ask yourself, if this girl's for real, whether she's equipped to be a mother if she can't even take a PG test rather than waste her GP's time image
  • Whoopsie - just realised my last post might have accidentally grouped Lilymou in with the numpties, which is not what I meant to say as I am glad we get on now. COOOOOOOFFFFFFEEEEE. image
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    I'm well aware it's been an ongoing thing cbw - it's just got really stupid now - they even bash you for being nice image

    Worth sticking with it for the time being then fmb, fingers crossed something will come up soon.
  • Going to check no Becs...i hope its a naked man ----- to rephrase that i REALLY REALLY hope its a naked man image
  • If it is a naked man I wanna see. image Actually, it depends....

  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604

  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    Re the CBW-bashing- it's really getting my goat now, particularly when it comes from people who haven't been on here long enough to have any kind of context for their opinions on the matter. I think a lot of people on here are just jumping on bandwagons, which the few actual stirrers are happy to create. I wish everyone would be a bit more intelligent about it rather than flinging baseless accusations around image

    Oh and those of us who defend CBW are then also accused of being b!tches. Grow up ladies!!!!!
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    That's just scary cbw - I want to gouge my own eyes out image
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    CBW you're barking up the right tree with that pic by the way. Imgine about 40 of those and you'll see why poor Maylan's virgin eyes are struggling image
  • I took a phone call and was giggling down the line cos of that email muhahahahaha
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