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anyone else dress shop only get there dress in 3 months before the wedding!!

i rang today to see if my dress had come in, and she said nooo it will only be 3 months b4 the wedding image


  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    have never heard of anyone doing it that way
  • Depends on when you ordered it and when your wedding is. Mine will prob only be in 2 months max 3 months before but thats because I ordered it the end of Feb for September.
  • I've heard of shops doing this. I'm assuming for their own cash flow reasons.
  • blue_moonblue_moon Posts: 191
    I'm having my first fitting on sat for my june wedding, and that i super early. With fitted dresses (ie, not bias cut that are easier) it is normally within the last month before the wedding...what's the point otherwise? they will store it for a few months for you to be fitted two weeks before the wedding? more risk of damage! I really really wouldn't worry, why would you want it earlier? xxx
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