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Anyone else nervous about giggling at the alter??

I have a problem where i giggle when i get nervous! I'm really scared i'm going to giggle at the alter! Although it makes me want to cry when i think about saying our vows and walking down the aisle, i'm still worried i will giggle and ruin the mood! image


  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    Aww don't worry hun! I giggled all the way through my fiance's proposal, it was still tres romantic! image

    Just take a deep breath and stay calm. You will be fine! So many brides have told me that despite all the nerves about being "on show", or the blubbing/blushing/falling over/laughing they did in the run up, on the day they were cool as cucumbers, overcome with a sense of calm and knowing. It will fly by in a lovely haze and before you know it it will be over. That's what everyone tells me!
  • I'm really nervous about weeping like a child the whole way through... I go really red and puffy when I cry, which lasts for ages... giggling would be preferable for me!

    I'm so worried that we're actually having a pre-ceremony drinks reception so I can say hello to everyone before we go in, and hopefully disolve some of the tension before we do the deed

    I'm also hoping for this alleged serenity that is supposed to overcome us brides on the day (??) I've heard it from a lot of my friends who've got married so it must be true!?

  • I am really nervous about giggling!! especially as some of the vows that have been sent from the registrar are VERY cringeworthy!! Plus I always giggle at really inappropraite moments, everyone that is at my ceremony knows what I'm like so they will prob start laughing as well!! imageimage

    I'm also worried about tripping up down the aisle!! lol!!
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    il be too busy crying-giggling would be less lame image
  • Gabi_luGabi_lu Posts: 284
    I'm worried about crying, i cry when I watch other people's weddings (even people I don't know eg DTTB)
  • I cry too when i watch DTTB! I'd rather cry than giggle!

    I'm also worried about tripping or falling over!! So much to worry about!
  • hpsauce84hpsauce84 Posts: 274
    I giggled like anything during the ceremony! Whoops! I even giggled whilst walking down the aisle. I was so nervous. It's quite funny watching it back on video though. image

    The only comments I got from guests and the registrars though was that I came across as very relaxed and like I was enjoying myself!
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