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Hand tingling after gel manicure uv lamps

I've just had a shellac gel manicure done for the first time and they used a uv lamp to set the gel. But now my left hand as half way up my arm feels really strange like its gone to sleep like pins and needles. I thought it would wear off but 3 hours later it still feels odd. Is this normal?? Xx


  • Jennytay08Jennytay08 Posts: 693
    I would say no! I've had a couple of gel manicures and never had that. Nhs24??
  • mrsb24mrsb24 Posts: 86
    It is only the one hand and arm though which is strange. Surely if it was the uv I'd have the same thing in both arms? Getting worried now!
  • LLL_2014LLL_2014 Posts: 34
    I've had gel manicures quite a lot and never experienced that. As Jenny says try calling NHS Direct - I wouldn't have thought it would be anything too serious - if you can wait till morning call the salon first thing and see what they say! Hope you're OK xx
  • ShruggyShruggy Posts: 126

    I've had gels loads of times and never experienced this. Definitely seek doctor's advice.

    Hope you're OK x

  • It's quite unlikely it the UV light that's done it, more possibly a reaction to the actual chemicals in the shellac. The only thing I've ever heard of with the UV is that it can burn if the light is too direct to the gel, but that would be instant and hot. It wouldn't be up your arm and tingly.

    Ring your drs. X
  • I've had something like little pink pricks, but only when my hand was under the lamp. I'd definitely speak to NHS direct.

  • nayellreyesnayellreyes Posts: 1
    Hi! I've recently encountered this situation and would like some advice on anything you found. I'm very worried it could be something very serious. Please share an update

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