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HELP! Ideas needed for table names

Hey Ladies,

I'm in desperate need of your help!

I came across these on ebay & want to use them as names for our tables, however the seller only has a couple of examples and has said he can do custom orders for me.

So far we have:

Always & Forever
Happily Ever After
Mr & Mrs
Be Mine

But we need 8 in total!

If you can think of any suggestions similar to these I would really appreciate your input.

Thank you x 


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    All you need is love


    To have and to hold

    Bride & Groom


    My brain is slow this morning image


  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride

    Buy some Love Hearts! Then you will get lots of ideas and you get to eat the sweets too. Ignore the ones that say 'my chum' and 'Just Say No' though. You could check their wiki page but then there are no sweets to eat (boo!)

  • So is mine! Its ok its the weekend tomorrow image

    Thank you for helping! Its so difficult. I thought of Bride & Groom but then thought that we are having Mr & Mrs on top table and having Bride & Groom on any other table may not make sense....But may have Bride & Groom instead of Mr & Mrs on top table!

    We've really struggled with table names! So much to think of.

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Love (or it in another language like Amore)

    I Do

    True Love

    I really like soulmates

  • I love these!

    I was struggling to think of what we could use as table names too - I love that they are wooden cut outs.

    Will he paint them for you, or will you do that yourself? (Assuming they just come as plain wood)


  • They come plain, so I was either going to paint them, or decopatch them as we are trying to go with a vintagey feel and I love decopatch!

    image glad you love them too! Its just hard to think of 8 different sayings like the ones he has done. The only other option for table names was different types of vintage sweets as we are having a sweet buffett, but I prefer these image


  • H2B thinks almost everything is "cheesy" (he's quietly romantic haha), so I was thinking of having song names that are significant to us x

  • Thats a lovely idea. you could contact the guy on ebay & see if he could do them in wood for you. They'd look lovely on the tables! x

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