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Anyone interested in meeting up in the Glasgow area for loads of wedding chat?image


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    I live in Ayr, let me know if you're organising anything! Where and where are you getting married?
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    Paisley Town Hall on 29th September. 2nd time round for me.

    What about you? Are you all organised?
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    Not long to go for you then! We've still got a while to go - 22nd June next year at the Brig O'Doon in Ayr. I was feeling very organised until we hit the 'year to go' stage and now I feel like I'm at the top of a very big rollercoaster about to hurtle uncontrollably towards the bottom!
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    Don't worry - it will all come together. The time will fly in til yours. We got engaged October 2005 and Sept 2007 seemed ages away. Have been organised for ages, but now the time seems to have flown! The only thing I've not got organised is my flowers, but one of the other girls sent a link for bouquets and I found the perfect flowers for me - so that's me sorted! Oh, except that my mother keeps asking folk if they're coming to the wedding and I've not even sent the invites out yet! lol
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    God they'll all be thinking they've not been invited image

    My mum's been great but my future MIL is a nightmare. We got engaged on Christmas day and we wanted a small wedding abroad sometime this year, and my mum, dad, brother and H2B's sister and his dad all said they'd come over to Cyprus, but H2B's mum had other ideas. Friends of hers own a local hotel so she went ahead and booked it for next year, without even asking us, which means she even set the date for us! Then she went round telling everyone about the wedding and telling everyone 'of course you'll be invited' - even though we're paying for it all! I hated the place she'd booked and we did a 'mystery shop' type of thing, where we went for a meal without saying who we were, and the food and service were shocking. So we cancelled it and booked the Brig O'Doon, and she had such a hissy fit. She's finally got over it now, but we're still stuck with the huge wedding because H2B decided he couldn't not invite everyone she'd told about the wedding, so now we're over 100 guests! I just don't bother telling her about the wedding anymore, because nothing is good enough for her. She recommended a florist to me so I got their price list, and when I told her she said "why did you go to them, they're awful". And she dropped a million hints about wanting to come dress shopping with me and my mum when she came up from England, so on the day my mum went out of her way to be nice and invite her and she said no, and not even in a nice way! Oh. My. God. image

    So far we've booked the venue, registrar, photographer, video, piper, band, chocolate fountain (H2B's doing!) and we know we're getting our cake from Sugar & Spice in Troon, I've chosen my dress and that's about it! Still got to decide on a florist - the Brig O'Doon has one on site but she's quite expensive, bridesmaid dresses, H2B's outfit and stationary, and book someone to do hair / makeup. We're not bothering with cars because my H2B plays rugby at the club right next door, so he'll be there having pre-wedding dutch courage! And I'll be checking in 2 hours before the wedding so I can get ready there, so I won't need a car either. Saves us a few hundred pounds!

    Where are you going on honeymoon? At this rate we're not getting one, we've still got £5000 to save for the wedding. I think we're going to ask for honeymoon donations instead of presents, at least then we'll get some sort of holiday. How depressing! I wish I'd just stuck to my guns and spent all the money on a small wedding and a fantastic round-the-world honeymoon, instead of dinner for 100 people! image
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    We're going to Ireland for a week. We're paying for everything too - as I said 2nd time for me (3rd for h2b). Sarted off just 36 for dinner, but with my mum inviting folk - it's now 54 and about another 80 at night.

    I'm going for artificial flowers and this web site was recommended www.sarahsflowers.co.uk - check it out. I'm getting my wedding topper from them and a friend got her bouquet and her bm's bouquet - they were so realistic. Getting my cake from M&S - refused to pay over £300 for something that's going to end in crumbs.

    Can't believe your MIL2B - what a cheek! You're not marrying her only son by any chance?
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    Oh yes, only son and it's worse - they work together. H2B's dad is a jeweller, and when H2B left school at 16 he started working in the shop but never left, so now he's 35, a jeweller himself and took the shop over but his mum and dad still work there behind the counter, so they spend 9 hours a day, 6 days a week together. And there's always several phone calls in the morning before work, and in the evening after work. Its just plain wierd. It's like a timewarp, they still treat him like he's 16 - his mum even buys his shampoo. Seriously. What am I getting into???

    What made it worse was H2B's sister (her only daughter) got married a few years ago but it was a shot-gun wedding when she found out she was pregnant, so it was a very small last-minute registry office wedding, no reception, no dress, no flowers. So now I'm suffering for it I think!

    Sarah's flowers are great, I ordered some stuff from her a while ago to see what it was like, her roses are so realistic! And because they're foam they hold scent really well, so you can spray them with rose scent from the body shop and it lasts for weeks lol. Which cake topper are you having? I love her roses with the diamante's in the centre, they're just lovely.

    What are you wearing? I'm ordering my Mon Cheri dress from america, it's so much cheaper. Only one shop stocks it (Capri Skies in Glasgow) and they want £1300 for it - no thanks! It was one of those things - I tried it on and fell in love with it before I saw the price, then nearly died! They tried to con me out of loads of extra fees, including £84 for an 'extra length' fee even though I'm only 5'3" and the sample was miles too long, so after that I thought there's no way I'm giving them my money! So I looked online and I can get the exact same dress from america for £320, which is more in-keeping with something I'll wear for a few hours and spill chocolate fountain on!

    Have you seen the new M&S Cakes on the website? They're really nice, and you know that they're going to be yummy because M&S stuff always is. The cake we're getting from Sugar & Spice is a round 3 tier (chocolate, vanilla and fruit) with plain ivory icing, the cakes are just stacked on top of each other with no pillars so it's very modern and simple, with a crystal garland wrapped around it and roses on the top, and it's only £180 including the stand and delivery / set up. They're really good, we saw them at a wedding show, and so much cheaper than the other places. At the same show there was another place who had smaller cakes, not even as nice, and they were over £350.

    I love Ireland, my dad's side of the family are all irish. I don't get to go as much as I'd like, it's so beautiful. Are you renting a cottage or staying in a hotel? It's great to rent a car and drive off into the country for the day with a picnic - that's my idea of heaven! I'm not really a beach person but H2B is, so we're trying to find a compromise at the moment! H2B isn't that bothered about the honeymoon really, he's done a lot of travelling with the rugby - canada, europe, australia, new zealand, america, so his attitude is 'been there, done that' - I keep telling him I haven't been to any of those places so regardless of whether he's already been, I want to go as well!

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    My dress is the one in my avatar. Found the pic on ebay, believe it or not, and am getting a dressmaker in Airdrie to make it. Couldn't find any shops that stocked it. Wont be trying it on till it's made, so just hope that it's lovely. Otherwise, Debenhams or BHS here I come!

    I'm getting the topper with the cala lilies and the roses - cala lilies are my theme flower.

    We're flying in to Belfast and renting a car and will just drive around Donegal. Robert's mum lived there when she was small and he still has family over there - we're going to knock on some doors and introduce ourselves. We've booked the hotel for the first night, but after that, we'll play it by ear.

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    Duh, course it is! How stupid am i?! It looks lovely, the sleeves are great. Mine is a bit poofy, exactly the opposite to what I wanted, and I hate the website pics of it because they really don't do it justice, but when it's on it makes me feel amazing and it's a million times nicer than in the pics, so I just have to keep remembering that!
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    At least you managed to try yours on! lol
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    Hi Ladies,

    So sorry to read about MIL2B princess - how are you coping?!

    I am getting married in Italy in Sep 2008 and having a reception in Glasgow when we come back. Just looking in to venues here in Scotland - anyone know about St Andrews in the Square?? Looks great on the web!!

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    Hi all, sorry to butt right in! I'm just outside Glasgow and loving the idea of a meet.

    Flyingscottie my mum has just been to a wedding in St Andrews on the Square and she raved about it. Apperently it's really popular now so you might want to get in there quick xx
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    Oh yeah - we should def meet up!

    Thanks for the tip funkymunky....... I have sent them an e-mail tonight to ask for more details. Still 16 months away, so hopefully will be far enough in advance image

    When is your wedding?
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    Liz I'm sure you're dress will be fine! At least if there's anything you don't like about it they'll be able to change it, that's the good thing about having it made.

    The mother in law (or monster in law as I call her) struck again last night, she keeps going on about a friend of hers who makes the most awful 80's looking wedding cakes, and for the last few weeks I've been blocking her comments with the "mmm maybe..." shield I've developed! That was until last night when she comes out with "oh, I just happened to have called such-and-such today about some completely unrelated subject and she just happened to ask about the wedding and I described the cake you want and gave her your number and she's going to call you to give you a price and put you in the diary......." - Grrrr, back away old woman! How does she know what type of cake I want, and why would I want her friend to make it? I've seen her prices and she's even more expensive than the place I intend to use, and the cakes are the most ugly 80's throwback you can imagine, and don't even taste that nice!

    Never mind bridezilla, she's a motherinlawzilla!


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    Oh Princess - couldn't you say that you've just found out that one of your friends has offered to buy your cake as a present!

    The joys of marrying the only son! Wait till after the ceremony - she'll be asking when the grandkids will be arriving! lol
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    HI all I'd be up for a meet too. x
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    Don't want to worry you, but one of the girls I deal with through work was in kind of the same situation as you. Only son, worked with his dad, they lived in a flat above his parents and the mil used to ask her what she was doing walking about at 1.00am!! The fact that she couldnt sleep and was ironing was none of the mil's business - but she was fuming. The mil had been as nice as ninepence until right after they were married and she turned horrible - asking about kids and stuff. In the end, they dont speak now. The girl and her hubby bought their own house but the stress of it all nearly split her and her hubby up!

    Don't let the old bat get to you. To wind her up, tell her you are going to enjoy yourselves for a couple of years, before you think about having a couple of ankle biters!!
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    I think she just wants me to have kids so she can retire and stay at home looking after the baby for me - little does she know I'd rather have a chimp looking after the baby than her!
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    Good for you!
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    Hey, I am in kilmarnock but I would love to meet up with you all for a good vent and rant over a glass of vino.

    Count me in! xxx
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    Right girls - when and where would suit everyone?
  • Hi there Princess, I totally know where you're coming from. I had the same problem with my MIL2B when we first announced that we were getting married she had ideas on EVERYTHING! It drove me absolutly crazy- not helped by the fact that we share a house with his parents! We are currently living in Leicester but i'm from Glasgow and decided to have the wedding on Arran. When we broke this news to his mother the reaction was sooo over the top- 'How are our side of the family going to get there' (well they do live in that very remote area known as the Midlands!), 'It's just not fair on everyone else if you have it up there' and my favorite 'If you're going to do it up there then you might as well go the whole hog and get married in Australia!'. Then she decided that there were to be two weddings- one with just me and h2b on Arran and then the "real one" as she called it back down in England! Every time I brought up the idea of Arran it was brushed off as my little extra wedding, this was really starting to get to me especially as it's his dad's side of the family that MIL2B is worried about and to be honest with you it's not that they can't travel it's that they won't just like they have never made any effort with H2B let alone made any effort to get to know me! Through all this h2b was really supportive and told me that it's my wedding and that I should tell her to butt out, so one day I did! I made it very clear that this was MY wedding and we were having it on Arran and it will be the only wedding unless she wants to pay for a second one entirely from her own pocket! Suddenly on hearing 'out of your own pocket' MIL2B totally changed her tune and has been lovely and ever so helpful! I think she also realised that if she didn't play this one my way then she wasn't playing at all. Now my only battle is stopping her inviting too many of FIL2B's ghastly relatives- arghh, it's never ending! x
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    Glad I'm not the only one with a monster-in-law!!! Jane Fonda eat your heart out. Arran is beautiful, stick to your guns!

    Now before we all meet up - is anyone a serial killer?

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    ha ha ha I hope not.... Everyone give the details of the meeting to a friend though just in case.

    I don't mind where we meet, we could always meet in the station then head somewhere. It will be great to speak to people in the same situation, I have only really started making firm plans this week though I have a date and venue booked.

    Let me know the plan girls xxxx
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    Glasgow Central seems the best way to start right enough. Scarlet, you had the right idea telling her to butt out - take it he's the only son as well?
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    I can't do this saturday as I have a date with a carpet cleaner lol but I can do any other saturday. If we're all getting the train or the bus Glasgow central is probably best - we could do the whole 'standing under the clock with a red caranation and an umberella' thing!!!
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    Ooops posted that twice image

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    I can't do this sat either as i'm off to Blackpool. Why don't we make it for August sometime?
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    Oh my god, how annoying, my 'puter keeps posting everything twice - must be time to go home image

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