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Hey I get married September 2013 when should we get our rings?


  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    No harm in looking as soon as u like. H2b ordered his from Ernest Jones and it was in within 4 days, so no big wait. No harm in trying afew on and getting a feel for what you fancy. Goodluck x

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    we started looking about a year in advanced but we've only just ordered them a couple weeks ago (we're july 2013) and they are done just waiting the engraving in january and final payment. its worth starting to look around, we got ours half the price of the original quote and we're much happier with the shop as well

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626
    Boodles told us to buy at least four months before. I imagine different shops have different timings though!
  • We are also September 13, I bought mine in June (h2b is having a family ring resized so leaving that til later) but as the price of precious metals seems to just go up and up we bought asap
  • ducky_86ducky_86 Posts: 115

    We bought ours with well over a year to go as we knew what we wanted and also we were having them made so didn't want to hang around incase they took longer to make etc, also the price of metal went down. You can get them any time but I wouldn't leave it any later than 1-2months before wedding date incase they don't have your size in the shop and have to order it in- have heard that can take a while. Happy ring shopping!! image xx

  • Any time you want so long as you like the rings! There's no 'right' time to buy them although it's possibly less urgent than venue, registrar, photographer etc as there is often limited availability image

  • Thanks all
  • We bought them early on, collecting h2bs next week as we had to use our goldsmiths vouchers but also we are trying to pay bit by bit and I knew that I wouldn't change my mind about. I just wanted a plain platinum band. It took about 6 eeeks. if you are after something bespoke I would say not to leave it too late.
  • We got ours last september with 11 months to go, we used clubcard vouchers and got our rings from goldsmiths saving £600.... we got them because vouchers were about to expire! 

    No harm in getting them soon, just incase prices increase,and at the mo you might get some good deals in sales! image

  • We ordered ours in July and we get married today. The rings were both small sizes and were made to order, which took about four weeks (both simple platinum bands - we wanted them to be as similar as possible so his is simply a wider band than mine). The shop kindly stored them fully insured in their safe once we were happy with sizing and then earlier this month we double checked sizing before they were engraved. The engraving only took a week but with Christmas we couldn't leave it any later.

    Good luck!
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