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So hard!! 100 miles between us! But got engaged!

This was the best day of my life, he came into work in my hotel...were there was around 40 gueststo checkin, a massive bunch of roses and bent down on one knee and asked me!! I literally cried, but everyone was clapping and happy and i mummered the words yes, But underneath it all, how can i plan a wedding when were 100 miles apart...its so hard because we have to plan things over the phone, texting, both have our laptops out and going on the same web page, or sending links to each other.

I do what to move down to him, but as my pay is rubbish, and he is on a goodish pay, i need enough money to go down there, but it willtake me a long time as well as planning a wedding!!!


Help me!!!


  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Congratulations! I suppose it's about what kind of wedding suits you, but it certainly won't be an easy task! Will you be able to live with him when you're married?

    I would hope that you could see each other and plan as much as you can during the times you are together ( for example, you can't choose a venue without both having seen it!!!)

    I would however question a few things (sorry not my place I know) but I would much rather spend my money being able to see my bf than on a wedding that means I won't be able to afford to see my husband. Perhaps waiting until you are both more ready (financially and/or otherwise) would be a better option?
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    Yes, i hope that as our wedding is in 2015, we will be lving together as of end of next year, but that only then leaves us with 14 months to plan away...but as far as venue and everything, everyone books so far in advance we have to make sure eveerything is booked!!

    I really do hope i can do it, weve been driving up and down to each other for the past 4 years, but just finding itharder now we no that we actually have to plan everything, and see things etc. xxx

  • I am living proof that long distance does work. so keep at it and you will have a beautiful day.

    My other half and I lived around 70 miles away from each other, we would visit weekends and when we could get time off work. 2 years ago I packed myself and my children up and moved in with him. It's the best thing I ever did. Then this Christmas he asked the question. I'm excited, happy, elated, over the moon, and more. ...It really can work if you hang in there and work at it.

    Good luck and congratulations x

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Kat, you seem to be giving yourself plenty of time.  As much as venues booking up go, yes it is true, but you can still find lovely venues nearer the time if need be.  It also depends on what time of year you want to get married.   If you avoid the summer, you can afford to book much closer to the wedding.

    Don't rush into anything just yet.  Good luck with the planning xx


    Ps - fantastic proposal image

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