Talkback: 10 top posing tips for your wedding album

Just keep calm down and smile


  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 585 New bride
    I did a fun little photoshoot in my wedding dress when I picked it up and dropped it round at my best mate's for storing and it defo helped- I could see what poses and postures were most flattering and which certainly weren't! Practice makes perfect :)
  • AndyAAndyA Posts: 1
    I good photographer should be able to tell you how to pose, what to do with your hands, where to look, ect.

    If you photographing a couple and tell them to hug each other and show how much they love each other it doesn't mean the photos will reflect the same romantic mood what the couple feel the moment, it is the photographer's job to create the mood.

    You shouldn't worry about it , if your photographer not able to that then he/she is not worth it to call professional. You can ask the photographer to show examples of his work when he setup the bride and the groom, end if don't feel the romance, the photos don't have a touching mood then probably that not the photographer what you looking for.
  • Thanks Cathy for your tips.
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