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Hi everyone,

As some of you know, my h2b and I currently live in New Zealand. We are getting married in the UK before returning to New Zealand for our honeymoon.

We have decided to ask our guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund, instead of giving us gifts. We couldn't carry gifts back to NZ with us, plus we have been living together for a while so have everything we need. However, with the huge cost of a UK wedding, and the fact that we are paying for it with New Zealand dollars, and having to include flights and UK accommodation in the budget, we are really hoping that our guests will be happy to donate some money to a honeymoon for us.

I'm not sure how to word it to people, as it seems quite cheeky! Plus I'm not sure how to organise it practically. I thought about asking htem to pay it into my parents bank account or something, and then asking my parents to transfer it....but seems complicated and unromantic! Ha ha!

Then I remembered reading about websites where you can have a honeymoon fund, or 'wishing well'?? Can anyone offer advice on this? Does anyone have any idea how they work, and whether it would matter about the different currency?




  • We booked with Turquoise and they do a honeymoon gift list. Anything paid beforehand the balance is due you can put towards the cost of the honeymoon or experiences whilst there, or they will just pay it into your bank account
  • Thanks. I think you have to book your honeymoon through Turquoise too? Is that right? We're organising it all ourselves.

    I have found a website called notanothertoaster.com that looks good. I haven't looked properly yet, but it looks like you can create your own 'gift list' of holiday experiences, accommodation or excursions etc and your guests can choose one to buy for you. It supports NZ and UK so they can pay in sterling and we receive it in dollars. I *think* that's how it works! image

  • Kuoni and honeymoon dreams do it too
  • I've done exactly this. We booked through www.buy-our-honeymoon.com.

    It's fantastic. It cost ??50, and you list activities for your guests to contribute money towards and then the money goes straight into your paypal account. No need to book your honeymoon through them. It's amazing.

    Have a look

  • Lucy_katherine Think I might have to steal your idea, that site is great! Thanks for sharing!
  • Ooh, that one looks great! Thanks Lucy_Katherine! I love the fact that guests can suggest their own gift too!

    Your comments are very witty! I'll have to get someone else to write that bit for me! Ha ha!

  • Hello, H2B and I are also asking for money for a honeymoon, but I think we will leave it as money/cheques as we are struggling picking a honeymoon at min

    He to dates we can go. I am hoping though that we will find somewhere so we can pay it off, but we get married this October and only planning on going on the main honeymoon in July 2014. We have booked a mini moon in the Lake District for five nights the day after we get wed.

    The way we are asking for honeymoon money is H2B and me created an acrostic poem with our surname and asked for it that way. Makes it more personal and we spent a short while creating the poem image
  • If booking with Virgin don't use Debenhams. They are shambolic.
  • Ooh thanks for the heads up Cantwait2bmrsb! Gulp! I was going to look at the wedding insurance with Debenhams, maybe I'll have to suss it out more thoroughly in case! But thats a whole other thread! image

    Hi Gemma (I'm Gemma too! image) love the idea of an acrostic poem! I might try and do that on a honeymoon register. We haven't ruled out the idea of asking guests to simply give us money instead, and my dad pointed out that we could even ask them to contribute towards a deposit for a house that way. But, as we'll be in New Zealand for a few years before returning home to buy a house, I think I prefer using it for a honeymoon! Exciting! I'm enjoying planning the honeymoon more than the wedding!! (which I haven't really started yet! ha ha!)

  • I've got their wedding insurance - hopefully I won't make a claim to have to test it but the website is just a joke-and they can't tell you when it will work proprerly. Depending on your friends and family you are sometimes better off asking for cash/chequesand spending it as you please!!
  • How annoying!! Thanks for the heads up!

  • I know this is probably a bit too late late.  (well 4 years too late)

    We tried a few honeymoon registries for our wedding, honeymoonwishes, honeyfund and theknot and decided to use Fly us to the Moon.

    It was quite easy and free to setup and they don't hold onto any of your money. You have the option of cash, paypal and bank transfers.

    It doesn't have as many pre-set gift options as the others but that was fine as we created a lot of the gifts ourselves.


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