What's the difference between chiffon and tulle?

Hi everyone, as the title says, I'm just wondering what the difference is between silk chiffon and tulle? As some of you know I'm having my dress made and have to choose the fabric. The dressmaker suggested silk chiffon as an option but I've seen so many dresses that look like chiffon but turn out to be tulle, and just wondered why she hadn't mentioned it as an option. Whether it just slipped her mind, or because its much more expensive (or not easily available in New Zealand)? Does anyone happen to know? Do they look very different on dresses? Tulle looks stiffer for example. Hope my ramblings make sense! It's nearly my bed time on this side of the world!! Ha ha!


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    I might have answered my own question as I just found these helpful threads:



    I think chiffon is softer and floaty whilst tulle is stiffer.
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    Yup, that's what I was going to answer, tulle is generally used if you want the skirt to stick out a little.

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    Yup that's right! Silk chiffon is amazing..I only tried on one dress made out of that and knew it was what I wanted...it's really floaty and light. image

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    Oh good MrsCtoB! That's good to hear! My wedding will be in the winter, do you think it'll matter if its a silk chiffon dress? I know it's usually a summer fabric, but the dressmaker didn't seem to think it'd matter.
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    Hiya! Nope, it will be absolutely fine - I've seen loads of brides get married in silk chiffon in the winter...if the wind catches the skirt it makes for amazing pictures image. Does your dress have an underskirt? Mine has a few layers with the top ones only being silk chiffon so you could consider that if you are worried about warmth? x

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    Oh good, you've got me excited!!

    It's not all fully decided yet, and I'll get to talk properly with the dressmaker again when we start making it, but at the moment the idea is to have a satin underskirt with the silk chiffon over the top. She said that the sheen of the satin will shine through the chiffon and makes for amazing photographs. Apparently silk chiffon is very flattering too, as people's eyes can't focus on your figure so easily as the movement of the material distracts them..... or something like that!! Ha ha!

    Have you got a picture of your dress? Id love to see it!

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    OMG!!!! I've just seen your planning thread... and the picture of your dress!!! I really hope this doesn't sound too stalkerish but I took the picture of you in your dress to my dressmaker as I thought it was SOOO gorgeous!! I love Naomi Neoh dresses too, but as I live in New Zealand you can't get them here!

    I'm really sorry, I hope you dont mind that I copied your picture!!!! image

    You look absolutely stunning!! I'm off to read the rest of your planning thread now......!

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    Ah just seen this! Thanks so much and of course I don't mind! I've been having dress wobbles recently as there are so many lovely dresses out there so it's reassuring to hear people think it's nice! And it's def not stalker like..I spend my life hunting for pictures of people in Naomi Neoh dresses!

    How did you get on? Have you decided on the silk chiffon for definite?  x

  • Chiffon is a soft, sheer silk or rayon that drapes delicately, and might be so see-through it needs to be layered. Tulle -- machine-made netting of nylon, silk or rayon -- is also sheer. Tulle can be used for a wedding veil or crinolines in a bouffant dress. Dance like Ginger Rogers in a fluid aqua gown of silk chiffon, or feel like a ballerina in a party dress layered with pink tulle. For more info visit Tissura.com


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