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Any other smoking brides?

I know it's probably disgusting to most of you on here...but I smoke and I really enjoy a cigarette especially when nervous/drinking. Am worried about where/when I will find time to do this on the big day?! Like once I am ready and in my dress I know I will be desperate to have one before I leave the house but don't want to walk down the aisle smelling of an ashtray! And after the ceremony we are going to be so busy having photos etc! And I know it will look awful in front of my guests to smoke in my dress, at least until the evening...

Does anyone else have this (rather silly) worry? Or any smokers already married have any tips?

I don't think a nicotine patch will go with my dressimage



  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    ex smoker here so feel your pain.

    Could this be the reason you need to try and see if you can give up smoking? Either that or look at swapping to e cigs (no smell) or look at other nicotine replacement therapies.

    Perhaps not the answer you were looking for, and believe me I know it is tough to quit so not saying this lightly.

  • Thanks Mrs Twizbe, yeah am thinking maybe if i cut right down so am smoking less I will be able to get away with only having 1 or 2 in the evening...

    To be honest even if I do give up, I can't imagine not smoking on my wedding day as I know the stress will drive me to it! But am hoping to find somewhere secret to do so. x

  • MrsMnowMrsMnow Posts: 463

    I'm a smoker myself, i was thinking the same thing!

    I will be having a ciggie before i leave the house too, but was thinking of standing in the garden (out back) so no-one can see me then use breath mints etc to freshen up.

    During day my mum is going to have a freshen up with her so i can top up on mints etc so i smell a little sweeter.

    I gave up two years ago and gained 2 stone in weight and was such a horrible person for 6 months i dont thin i could cope with it before the wedding itself.

    ANy other ideas i would welcome.image

  • I'm glad there's someone else in the same boat! I'm hoping that I will be so overwhelmed by everything I won't have time to notice the craving! But def will want one before I leave, maybe before I get into my dress will be better...mints are a good idea! X
  • MrsMnowMrsMnow Posts: 463

    I was thinking before i pu my dress on but then i thoguht you have to out on early enough to have some photos before you leave, i know i will need one as i will be that nervous.

    Walking down the alise stinking of fags, sweating like mad, crying then bitting the grooms head off, isnt the look i was going forimage

  • Haha! me neither!

  • I've been thinking this too! I don't want to smoke in my dress either but I won't be able to go without I dont think image seems so silly doesn't it but just shows how strong the addiction is lol! I might look in to the E cigs - thats a really good idea! Thanks for posting MrsRichardson2be and thanks for the suggestions Mrs Twizbe! image

  • Mrs 2BMrs 2B Posts: 75

    As a bride to be who has not stopped smokin this was always my fear at big occasions let along my own weddin but after stoppin for 6months now not to panic...heres hopin i am still off them by the big day which is not untill 2015.

    Havin stopped and started sooo many times i never thought i would mnage but this is the longest i have went and i have to say its al because ot the steamlite ecig its a saviour!!!....lights up like a ciggie...feels like a ciggie to inhale and even blows out the smoke...take it everywhere 'just incase' but rarely use it!! still get ur nicotine fix but none of t smell etc...u should def give it a bash..dont get me wrong i dont think al ever get rid of the urge for a real one but its so worth tryin image x

  • Am so glad I'm not alone!

    Where can you buy the e ones from? x

  • Mrs 2BMrs 2B Posts: 75

    yeah definetly not and am sure there will be alot more just not keen on saying haha!!!

    I ordered mines online, company called steamlite, (it was my manager at work that recommended it) just got a sample kit for 9.99 i was a menthol smoker n got regular filter in kit so a them ordered menthol filters but so reasonable n the savings ul make....just think of all the extra pennie n treats for t wedding image x

  • misslocketmisslocket Posts: 686

    I'm a non-smoker, but several of my colleagues have had success using the e-cigs, so definitely worth a look.

    If you are going to have a cigarette on your wedding day, though, a word of caution- my mum married in Antigua, and after she had her hair done and veil fixed, she went out onto the balcony for a smoke before getting into her dress. The wind blew her veil and she ended up with a burn hole partway down! A quick job with the scissors and her waist-length veil became a much shorter but fag-burn free veil, but it's not a stress you need on your wedding day! Xx


  • Mrs 2BMrs 2B Posts: 75

    aww wow misslocket if that story is not enough to put u off on the day then nothin will haha!!!

    yeah i think alot mor people are using them nowadays x

  • Oh god can you imagine! That's exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me knowing my luck... *furiously starts googling e-cigertees*!! x

  • h59helenh59helen Posts: 171
    Arghhh I'm a full on smoker I was thinking of having a cig before I put my dress on which will be about 12.30 then having a quick few puffs just before I leave I'm bringing my tooth brush down stairs so I can brush in the kitchen after I'm ready then I'll just hide lol

    I quit when I got pregnant for a year and now I smoke 15 a day! Not so much I can't quit but I really enjoy it :/
  • NyckyNycky Posts: 52

    we are trying to stop .... we have managed to cut down to about 1  -  2 a day.

    I am on Champix - and I must say it worked for me..... I do miss it but I am refusing to go back to 20 a day.

    Try patches or the e - cig... You never know you will be too busy enjoying yourself to notice you've not had one hehe..





  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009
    Hi, I also worried about this but practised with patches for a few days and managed to get thru to evening just by having one first thing in morning stick on patch (on tummy) and then next one I was having was at dinner.

    Also got a Nicorette inhaler which I would puff on if I felt patch wasn't doing its job.

    Then I'm hoping to sneak away later in the evening if I want to x
  • Ha ha I'm a smoking bride and worried about this, especially as I'll be nervous on the day. Parents etc don't know I smoke... I've trying quitting a couple of times but always wind up putting on weight and getting really stressy/grumpy so not going to try that before the wedding! I'll probably go for a drink with the girls the night before and chainsmoke a ton so I feel sick at the thought of smoking on the wedding day itself. Not classy but probably classier than getting papped in my frock with a fag!

  • Hi as a 20 a day smoker for 20 years I gave up 3 months ago as I didn't want to be a smoking bride! I have been on ecigs and they are amazing all the joy of smoking and non of the bad stuff! Try jacvapor they are amazing! Xxxx


  • MrsTwizbe said:

    ex smoker here so feel your pain.

    Could this be the reason you need to try and see if you can give up smoking? Either that or look at swapping to e cigs (no smell) or look at other nicotine replacement therapies.

    Perhaps not the answer you were looking for, and believe me I know it is tough to quit so not saying this lightly.

    I went through this thorny path and I understand how difficult it is to quit smoking

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